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Why Email Experts Love Twilio SendGrid’s Event Webhook


If you ever want to get a Twilio SendGrid expert talking, ask them about the Event Webhook. Then get comfortable because they’ll have a lot to say! Twilio SendGrid’s Event Webhook is a bit of a darling. Businesses love this powerful tool because it gives teams unlimited access to real-time data on email campaigns. And […] The post Why Email Experts Love Twilio SendGrid’s Event…

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The Proof is in the Profiling: Why Profiling Data is Essential to Maintaining its Quality


Data is your company’s most valuable asset. It can be used to make executive decisions, streamline marketing campaigns, increase customer retention, and develop winning ideas that increase overall growth. But if the quality of your data is poor, it can have the opposite effect. A strong data quality plan is crucial to your business’s success—and the best place to start is with data profiling. Let’s…

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What Are the Best Ways to Validate Email Addresses?


You need a clear view of the health of your opt-in email lists. Verifying that the emails on your lists are valid will reduce your bounce rate and protect your sender reputation. Sending your campaign emails to invalid email addresses will only lead to negative signals and experiences. That’s a costly mistake: the time and resources to send that email aside, you also risk a…

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How to Test Email Deliverability, And When You Should Do It


You need a complete picture of your email program’s performance. Knowing how to test your email deliverability, when to do it, and why it’s important can help you reach your recipients’ inboxes and help you obtain a positive email ROI. Have you noticed your open and click-through rates have been tanking lately? Or are you losing subscribers left and right? These are clear signals that…

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Email Sunsetting Policies


Sunsetting policies are the strategic removal of customers from your communication stream or email program. Parting ways with customers and sunsetting communications with them can sometimes feel sad and bittersweet. After all the work you put in to acquire them, it can be hard to let them go. But it is a necessary step for healthy deliverability and a well-run email program. We asked email…

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Litmus: Are You Tracking the Right Email Marketing KPIs?


Marketing shifts like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection have changed the meaning of open rates. That’s left many marketers wondering which email marketing KPIs truly offer valuable insights. In this hour-long on-demand webinar hosted by Litmus, I join Dan Oshinsky of Inbox Collective and Bree Rostic of HubSpot to discuss: Whether open rates still matter Which metrics are the most important Reporting cadences How to get…

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Think Like an Email Expert: How to Troubleshoot DKIM Alignment Failures


Cyberattacks are on the rise worldwide—and these attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day. Since over 90 percent of cyberattacks start with email, keeping your email program secure has never been more important.   This starts with email authentication.   Email authentication is a sender’s best defense against phishing and spoofing attacks.  But it isn’t foolproof. Ultimately, mailbox providers (MBPs) like Gmail, Yahoo, and…

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How to Trim Your Out-of-Control Martech Stack


I couldn’t agree more with Bonnie Crater’s first prediction in her recent MarketingProfs article on the Top 3 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2022, which is that “B2B marketers will trim their tech stacks.” In her article, she says, “B2B marketers will look for opportunities to consolidate and simplify their tech stacks, paring down the number of solutions they use to more manageable levels.” This has…

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​​Email Deliverability April 2022 [infographic]


I can’t believe that with this email deliverability test, we’ve completed nine tests to date! It was four years ago that we started testing the top email marketing platforms to determine which had the best email deliverability (and which were the worst email providers). I have to say that there are always surprises, showing just how important it is to monitor the email deliverability of

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Re-structure your money mindset to help you scale your business and reduce burnout


There are upsides and downsides to being a creator. Controlling your freedom and time? Upside. Fretting over cash flow so much you forget the definition of ‘weekend’? Major downside. The mistake creators make is assuming that more money means fewer problems. “If I just had more money, I would never feel burnt out again!” Is that how it works in practice? No. Unfortunately, there’s one…

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How to be more confident on camera for content creation


There’s nothing wrong with feeling unconfident on camera. It’s actually pretty normal. You’re used to talking with people with expressions and sharing body language to show you how they’re feeling about what we’re saying. You’re a lot less used to talking to a tiny black circle. Yet, between social media, video calls, video lead magnets, and video courses, you’re on camera more than you’ve ever…

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Empathetic Email Marketing: 5 Ways to Win Over the Conscious Consumer


The world has been faced with a litany of challenges since the onset of COVID-19. Now, more than two years later, the pandemic lingers, environmental concerns loom large, rising inflation impacts our daily lives, and the war in Ukraine rages on. These crises present brands and marketers with great uncertainty and have revealed important lessons about achieving a balance between commercialism and empathy in marketing…

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How to leverage TikTok and Instagram Reels to grow your email list


We can all agree on one thing surrounding short-form videos like TikToks and Instagram Reels—that escalated quickly. In 2021, Instagram announced they were no longer a photo-sharing app. They were a video platform. The announcement came from the thriving success of their biggest competitor, TikTok. TikTok brought short-form video into the mainstream with its 29.7 million daily active users. But, growing your audience on Instagram…

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Cause marketing: Insights on green buyers and how to connect with them


Earth Day is coming up, and with it a slew of brands coming through with cause-based marketing, hoping to appeal to green product buyers. And cause marketing has a real impact on a brand’s bottom line: 64% of consumers say they’ll buy or boycott a brand depending on its stance on a social or political issue.  Consumers are four times more likely to purchase from…

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