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Join Validity at Salesforce Connections 2022 


Let the countdown begin!  We’re just a few days away from the start of Salesforce Connections 2022.  From June 8-9, Validity will be in the Windy City to discuss industry insights, trends, and best practices with an inspiring community of marketing, commerce, and digital thought leaders.  Where to find us   Attending the event? We’d love to chat. Here’s how to connect with the Validity team

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Building your professional creator tech stack? Here’s what to include


A piece of software is a lot like a lever—it amplifies force. For every minute you invest in building your audience and business, the right tools can make the impact go further. With the seemingly endless options of apps, automations, and software available, it can be hard to tell what you need and which to choose. This guide will break down the most common tools

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How to create, send, and use surveys to grow your creator business


Real talk: intuition is not a solid business strategy. While there is something to be said about creative instinct and passion, you alone can’t steer your business ship into the harbor of success. Getting input from your audience is an invaluable gauge of where you’ve been and where you need to go next. Surveys are a great way to learn from your audience, and this…

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How to Improve Email Deliverability with 4 Easy Fixes


Freepik, yanalya There isn’t a single, quick fix that can solve your email deliverability issues, but there are several things you could easily do to significantly improve it. Email campaigns that don’t arrive in the inbox, don’t get read. Getting those emails to land in the inbox? That’s the task of email deliverability. In this article, we’ll cover four easy fixes to improve your email

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Shared IP vs. Dedicated IP: What’s the Difference?


Freepik, DCStudio Your inbox placement depends on many factors, and IP reputation tops the list. A poor IP reputation can damage your overall sender reputation, which won’t bode well for your inbox placement. That’s why committing to an IP strategy is important. Which is the right choice for you: a shared IP, or a dedicated IP? The answer likely depends on the type of sender

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Busting Gmail Deliverability Myths


Gmail dominates with over 1.5 billion active users. Whether you are a small or large business or focus on B2B or B2C, Gmail impacts nearly every marketer's email program. Gmail not only hosts consumer domains and but also hosts business mail through Google Workspace. So it's no surprise folks pay attention when Gmail makes an announcement or releases a new feature. There is

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4 Ways Your Math May Be Steering Your Email Marketing Program Wrong


As more marketers embark on their personal journeys to become data-driven marketers, most are finding the road to be a rocky one. The central problem they’re encountering is a surprising one: It’s that their data doesn’t always lead them to the best decision. Why is that? Sometimes the wrong lesson is being taken from the data. Other times it’s the data that’s one level deeper

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How to maximize your impact as a creator with plug-and-play formulas


You’re a creator that has so much to share with the world and earn a good living doing it—but finding the exact way to do so is often really hard. Authors, food bloggers, podcasters, finance coaches, yoga teachers and all the other types of creators have to show up regularly and create value for the people in their audience. But, with dozens of content formats…

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30 Questions to Ask Your Next Email Service Provider


Senders need email service providers (ESPs) like avocados need toast.   After all, ESPs help senders create better designs, manage their subscriber lists, stay legally compliant, and measure results more effectively.  But it’s normal for your needs to shift over time as your email program evolves.   If you’re hitting roadblocks with your current email service provider (ESP) due to growing send volume, increase in mail

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How to Test Email Deliverability, And When You Should Do It


You need a complete picture of your email program’s performance. Knowing how to test your email deliverability, when to do it, and why it’s important can help you reach your recipients’ inboxes and help you obtain a positive email ROI. Have you noticed your open and click-through rates have been tanking lately? Or are you losing subscribers left and right? These are clear signals that…

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Command Line Tools


Tools that you run from the command line – i.e. from a terminal or shell window – are often more powerful and quicker to use than their GUI or web equivalents. Their output is plain text so it’s much easier to copy and paste into an email or a slack conversation – sure, you can take a screenshot of a GUI tool and share that

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