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The Definitive Guide to Adapting to Mail Privacy Protection


Prior to the launch of Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) by Apple in the fall of 2021, marketers could easily see the engagement of their subscribers and reliably manage their email deliverability by following best practices established over the course of more than a decade. However, MPP has blurred marketers’ visibility into engagement and is causing all of those deliverability best practices to be rewritten to

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4 Major Workforce Trends Impacting Your CRM


As renowned philosopher Kim Kardashian recently said, “It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” Could Kim be right? The past few years have been…unprecedented. (Sorry, I had to say it.) We’ve faced a global pandemic, a war, and some really, really high gas prices.   These shifts have massive impacts on where and how people work.   As we encounter new curveballs like inflation, layoffs

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Am I Hitting the Inbox? KPIs to Monitor


As conversations continue about how to market in a privacy-first digital environment, questions abound around the best way to measure email success. The KPIs that were once your main indicators all was well have shifted, making running and optimizing an email program that much harder. Getting to the inbox is hard enough as it is. Now privacy policies, like Apple's MPP, take away the effectiveness

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Webbula: What Are the Top 3 Reasons You Love Working in Email Marketing?


Along with 10 other email experts, I share my top 3 reasons why I love working our industry. For me, it comes down to: Loving the constant evolution of the channel and the fact that there’s always something new to talk about Enjoying the emphasis on data and insights, in addition to the art aspects of email marketing The people, who really are extraordinarily friendly

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The 9 types of creators and the tools they use to scale their business


Writers, teachers, filmmakers, artists… different types of creators have been around for longer than any of us can remember. Creator economy, however, is quite new. The term only became widely used in late 2020. The online tools we can access today to publish articles and videos, build communities, and sell digital products have democratized the world of creation. Getting your work and talent in front

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How to be successful with brand sponsorships as a creator: Top tips from Justin Moore


There has never been a better time to be a content creator. Content creation has exploded in recent years. But with revenues on the uptrend, it’s important to be aware of the significant wealth distribution gap in the industry. Sponsorship Coach and Founder of Creator Wizard, Justin Moore, is an expert at helping creators earn a living doing what they love. Justin joins us on

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The ConvertKit Sponsor Network


The ConvertKit Sponsor Network is our newest service that will be an extension of your creator business, helping you source, negotiate, and manage sponsorship deals to help you grow your revenue without doing more work or additional hiring. When creators sell digital products, offer coaching or courses, or write a paid newsletter, they are earning a living online. But did you know that these sorts

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How creators start (or end) their days to maximize creativity and prevent burnout


Structuring your days as a full-time creator isn’t as cut-and-dry as you might think. You want the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, but you have a lot on your plate (and a never-ending to-do list.) You want to work hard and earn a great salary, but without spreading yourself too thin (to the point of becoming burnt out.) You want time for

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How to create an airtight contract for your creator business


Imagine this: you’ve been creating stellar YouTube content for the past two years. You open your email and see you’ve received a collaboration proposal from a well-known brand. You’re excited, and after reading their proposal, you get on a call and enter into a verbal agreement around deliverables and pricing. You do your part, but when you follow up with them for your payment—radio silence.

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How to Explain SPF in Plain English


The world of email has its share of bad apples.  Phishing and spoofing attacks have skyrocketed over the past few years. And unfortunately, the bad actors responsible are getting smarter and more dangerous by the day.  Mailbox providers and internet service providers have responded to these increased threats by requiring certain authentication measures to be in place for successful mail delivery.  But let’s face it:

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8 ActiveCampaign Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank


ActiveCampaign is a fantastic email marketing service, but it’s not for everyone. Perhaps you’ve tried it out and couldn’t get your head around it, or perhaps you’re specifically looking for a free or more affordable tool? Whatever the reason, we’re glad you’re here, because we’ve got a whole host of excellent ActiveCampaign alternatives to show you! Most of which include a freemium plan. Due to

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BIMI support coming to Apple OS/iOS16 this FALL!


NEWS BREAK! Have you heard the BIMI news yet?! No?! Well, it was subtle, but the infographic on the BIMI Group's website detailing out the participaing providers had a little change in the last couple of days. What was once three providers supporting BIMI is now 4! And guess who it is? Apple! Coming this fall (2022), MacOS/iOS16 will rollout their support for BIMI! Details

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Unlayer: Create Engaging Email Subscriber Journeys


Understanding how different subscribers move through the subscriber lifecycle and what their needs are at each stage is critical to getting the right messaging in front of them. In this interview with Unlayer, I talk about the subscriber lifecycle and automated subscriber journeys, answering questions such as: Out of the 5 stages (Acquisition, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, Re-engagement), which one matters the most in the subscriber

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