Whose ID reigns supreme? Digiday assesses the top 10 ID alternatives

Without third-party identifiers (like cookies), we’ve all come to recognize that connected identity is the current and future backbone of digital marketing. But in a landscape with many players (some old, some new) and technology (also some old, some new), how do you know who has the best identity solution?  

Digiday stepped in to help. In a new Digiday+ research piece, “A guide to the top ID alternatives for publishers,” Digiday looks at the major identity solutions in the market and “breaks down the key characteristics of each of the leading IDs and maps out their ideal use cases.”  

Epsilon’s CORE ID was the only one to use all nine identifiers in Digiday’s criteria. While the assessment is not a stack ranking of identity solutions, Digiday assessed them across all potential identifiers used, and for reference, the next-highest solution only uses five of the nine.  

This shows just how comprehensive Epsilon’s CORE ID is, and how much more you get by working with us.  

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