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Hurry up and wait: Google pushes back third-party cookie deprecation to 2024


On Wednesday, Google announced it will further delay getting rid of third-party cookies from Chrome to 2024. Originally slated to take effect in 2022, Google first delayed third-party cookie deprecation to 2023 after failing to deliver on its promise to provide an alternative solution for marketers seeking to deliver and measure effective digital campaigns without using third-party cookies. Now it’s happening again.

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The notifications you’ve been waiting for


Picture this moment: You’ve just set up ConvertKit as your marketing hub, capturing new leads with landing pages, sending emails to your subscribers, and selling a new product. You’re so excited about how each marketing piece is working for you that you keep checking your ConvertKit account to check on any progress. While we love for you to log in to the ConvertKit platform, we

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3 Do’s and Don’ts of Dynamic Content


The inbox is more crowded (and competitive) than ever—and as email volumes continue to skyrocket, subscriber expectations are changing significantly. Today’s audiences are hungry for highly customized experiences from the brands they love. That said, senders who rely on generic email content risk alienating their subscribers and falling behind more innovative competitors. So, how can brands build strong relationships and provide consumers with the personalized

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Confidential to ESPs


Dear Colleagues at ESPs, We have a problem. More specifically, YOU have a problem. You have a spam problem. One that you’re not taking care of in any way, shape or form. There was a point where ESPs started caring about spam out of their networks. They got blocked enough they had to take action. Because they took action a lot of the big blocklists

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Building Your Sending Reputation on a New ESP


Building a strong sending reputation is all about building trust. Once you build a good reputation, you have to work to maintain it. Sometimes you have to build your reputation from scratch. Or you may have built a strong reputation with an ESP, but now you need to transition to a new provider or sending platform. When you switch ESPs, your reputation doesn't magically carry

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5 ways creators use ConvertKit and Zapier automation to grow their business


You know how they say, “you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce?” Workflow automation makes that statement feel a little more believable. Handling the admin of growing your creator business is doable when you only have a handful of subscribers. But as your audience grows, so do your management and promotional tasks. That’s where automation comes in. Workflow automation with

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Email Marketing Lead Generation – 10 Techniques to Get You Started


I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve received from businesses I don’t want to hear from. Even though I’ve hit “Unsubscribe” so many times, the emails just keep coming. Aargh! I won’t be naming any names here, but I definitely won’t be buying from these businesses, no matter how many times they continue to email me. Likewise

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How to use your creator profile


Newsletters are more than just another marketing email in your inbox. For creators, newsletters are a key piece of content that helps them build deeper connections with their audience in a meaningful way. In the age of endless scrolls and short flashy TikTok dances, these newsletters have trended the opposite way—stripped down, honest, long-form communication to subscribers who have opted in to read more. If

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5 Reasons Why You Need List-Unsubscribe in Your Email Life


Often unseen, unless you are one of the dorky #emailgeeks out there, are wonderful little things called email headers. These are a part of every email message you deal with, but are tucked away in drop-down menus and raw messages. They are filled with a trove of information detailing the path a message took to get to your inbox, the authentication protocols used, IP information

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What Email Deliverability is and How to Improve it


Photo by Pro-stock Studio More often than not, when we put our minds to completing a task, there are always hurdles. Sending emails, unfortunately, is full of obstacles. If you look at your spam folder right now, you’d probably see hundreds of spam emails – of course, with the hope that they’ll land in your inbox instead. The folder your emails land in once they’re

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How (and Why) to Perform a Reverse DNS Lookup


Photo By Drobot Dean As marketing becomes increasingly digitized, marketers need to keep up with tech terminology. One buzzword currently making the rounds is DNS — short for Domain Name System. DNS is what makes the internet work, connecting web browsers and websites with one another. Generally, a DNS lookup is how the DNS translates domain names to the IP addresses connected to them. There

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Want to Increase Email Deliverability? 5 Easy Things to Try


Photo by Email deliverability refers to how successful a sender is in getting their email sent into the inbox – as opposed to the spam folder or other locations. How many people receive your emails is important since getting your message across correctly is the key to success when it comes to marketing and building your brand image. No matter how perfect and information-packed

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4 Reasons Why Emails Don’t Get Delivered (And What You Can Do About It)


Photo By onephoto Nothing is more frustrating to email marketers than finding out that their emails landed in the recipient’s spam folder. While there are many reasons why this happens, a common misconception in the world of marketing is perceiving that email deliverability and email delivery are the same things. They’re not. Email delivery is a measure of an email’s ability to reach the recipient’s

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How to use email metrics to eliminate guesswork and unlock more growth and revenue


When was the last time you got excited to analyze your email metrics? Can’t quite remember? We understand. Email metrics aren’t exactly sexy. But there’s no denying how powerful they are. Metrics let you peek under the hood to see what’s really going on with your email marketing. They give you powerful insights into what your subscribers love, figure out what they want more of

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How to scale your email marketing with tag management


How would you feel if a brand kept popping in your inbox with information about events outside your country? Or what if a creator kept trying to sell you an ebook you’d already bought from them? You’d probably end up feeling spammed at best and frustrated at worst. This is why you need to segment your email marketing. Email segmentation and personalization make customers feel

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