The notifications you’ve been waiting for

Picture this moment: You’ve just set up ConvertKit as your marketing hub, capturing new leads with landing pages, sending emails to your subscribers, and selling a new product.

You’re so excited about how each marketing piece is working for you that you keep checking your ConvertKit account to check on any progress.

While we love for you to log in to the ConvertKit platform, we also know there’s a better way to give you the notifications you’ve been waiting for.

DING—You have 13 new subscribers.

DING—You have 3 new sales.

DING—Here’s your week with ConvertKit.

You guessed it! We just rolled out email notifications!

You can now opt-in to get immediate notifications any time you get a new subscriber, sell a product, and more, conveniently in your inbox. Don’t want to get overwhelmed? You can opt for weekly summaries instead.

Weekly summaries at a glance

convertkit weekly summaries

With your ConvertKit dashboard, you’ve been able to see how your account is performing at a glance to get insights you can act on as quickly as possible. We’re stepping that up by giving you weekly summaries for your account delivered right to your inbox.

You’ll receive the weekly email about your ConvertKit every Friday, which will include an all-time summary and weekly progress on your subscribers, emails, and sales.

With subscribers, you’ll see:

  • how many new subscribers you’ve gained
  • how many subscribers have churned
  • which landing page is driving your list growth

With your emails you’ll see:

  • stats on your average open rate and click rate
  • how it compares to the week before
  • your top 3 best performing emails. This will give you a pulse on which email subject line or content is resonating most with your list.

Finally, with your ConvertKit Commerce sales, you’ll see:

  • how much revenue you’ve made in a week
  • the number of orders
  • what the average order value is
  • a breakdown on which of your products were most popular, so you know how best to change up your promotion strategies

Account notifications: Delighting your inbox

Want to get live updates on how your account is performing? We also rolled out email notifications you can enable for every new subscriber joining your list and every new sales you make.

convertkit notifications

Once you’ve enabled the notifications, you’ll receive an email every time someone joins your list. If you’re getting a lot of new subscribers, we will be batching these notifications every hour, so it doesn’t completely overwhelm your inbox.

Pro tip: With each notification, you’ll see which entry point they used to enter your list, so make sure to name your landing pages and forms in a way to make it easy for you to identify.

You can also enable notifications for every sale made on your ConvertKit Commerce products. If you’re getting a lot of new sales, we will also be batching these notifications every hour. You’ll see which product they’ve purchased and what the total revenue is.

Set up your ConvertKit notifications

You can manage all your notifications under Settings > Notifications. All weekly summary notifications are enabled by default, while the new subscriber and purchases notifications are disabled by default. We are excited to see how these new notifications can help you save time and better manage your marketing campaigns.

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