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How to leverage testimonials/case studies to build trust and authority


It’s tough to find credible information on the internet. From false news reports to fake reviews, misinformation is rife. Unfortunately, this causes a lack of trust that can impact your work and audience as a creator. If you want to build credibility in your expertise with your intended audience, you’ll need more than the average blog post, ebook, or other types of content. You’ll need

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Building hurdles into loyalty programs


By now it’s no secret that properly designed and managed loyalty programs can unlock significant value. Top-performing loyalty programs can boost revenue from customers who redeem points by 15 to 25 percent annually, by increasing either their purchase frequency or basket size or both. So, if loyalty programs play a critical component in increasing company-wide sales, why would you want to insert hurdles into them?    

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Key negotiation strategies for women: earn more, feel confident, and grow your biz


Tell me if you’ve heard this before: women don’t earn as much as men because they don’t ask for more money. This fallacy places the brunt of the wage gap on women’s shoulders and tells women that if they simply ask for more money, they’ll get it. But we know this isn’t true. Research points out that while men and women equally negotiate for higher

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Are Surveys Transactional Emails?


During a conversation I had with a client, they mentioned that their post-purchased surveys are really important to their business. Up to this point, they’ve been mailing them as if they were the regular old commercial mail that CAN-SPAM would define as needing an unsubscribe link. But because of how important they are, they wanted to know if they can be mailed as transactional emails

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ConvertKit’s July 2022 Deliverability Report


One of our values at ConvertKit is to work in public. We strive for transparency, which is why we share information that is typically kept private, such as our finances. One commonly asked question by creators looking for a new email marketing platform is, “How is your email deliverability?” Here is our monthly deliverability report to answer that question: If you missed previous Deliverability reports

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Ask the Experts: How Virgin Atlantic’s Email Program Reaches New Heights


Virgin Atlantic’s forward-thinking approach and willingness to try new things has allowed them to lead one of the most successful email programs in the world of travel. We were lucky to be joined by Tom Nowell and Jon Lockie, two of the experts behind Virgin Atlantic’s best-in-class email program, on a recent episode of State of Email Live. Our webinar audience was full of questions

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How to create a landing page in the next 10 minutes


Creating landing pages is the digital equivalent of flipping your “open” sign on. The moment you launch, you’ve opened the door for people to come in and have a look around. These standalone pages are essential for creators since they’re where you’ll gain new email subscribers. Just because they’re important doesn’t mean they should take a long time to create, though. In fact, we have

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Blocklisted by Spamhaus? Here’s what to do.


Spamhaus publishes the most widely used anti-spam blocklists (previously blacklists, sometimes called DNSBLs) in the world. Spamhaus goes way back -- since 1998, they’ve been tracking bad actors sending spam and engaging in other email-related bad activity, and helping internet service providers and mailbox providers keep that bad stuff away from the inboxes of email users. Spamhaus’s blocklists are widely used, and if you send

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How Daren Smith grew his $85,000+ business with under 10 hours per week with ConvertKit


Daren Smith is the person behind Craftsman Creative, a hub of resources for creators who want to build a six-figure business. Creators can dive into blog posts, a free email course, a newsletter, podcast episodes, a book, and a paid community to learn from Daren about the mindset, principles, and strategies that will help them reach their goals. Daren also partners with other creators to

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Optimizing Email Marketing Calls-to-Action: A 4-Point Plan


Email marketers have historically paid a lot of attention to subject line testing, eager to drive higher open rates. But in the age of Mail Privacy Protection, where many opens are being obscured, it’s time for marketers to refocus some of their A/B testing zeal on calls-to-actions to drive much needed clicks. In working with our clients, we’ve used the following 4-point plan to break

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How to use paid ads to launch a digital product and drive sales


Whether you want to launch an ebook, a course, a community, or a new album, paid advertising helps you drive awareness, clicks, and conversions. Advertising is an important part of pretty much every digital product launch. The marketing strategy belongs with organic social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing in the same way that soap goes with water or peanut butter goes with

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Soaring into the Inbox: Virgin Atlantic’s Secrets to Email Success


Wondering what email excellence looks like? Just look to the skies.  Virgin Atlantic runs a first-class email program, and it was a pleasure to talk with Virgin’s Jon Lockie, Lead Email Developer, and Tom Nowell, Customer Data and Market Database Manager, on the latest episode of State of Email Live.  Read on to learn a broad range of email tactics and best practices used by

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Messaging during Recessions: 3 Opportunities for Marketers


Regardless of whether the US is technically in a recession already or not, the majority of Americans have been under increasing economic pressure for a while already due to the highest inflation in 40 years, which is dramatically eroding their purchasing power. Despite the fact that many of the forces driving inflation are well outside of the Federal Reserve’s sphere of influence—the pandemic, the national

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