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Decolando para a caixa de entrada: os segredos da Virgin Atlantic para o sucesso do e-mail


Quer saber como é a excelência em e-mail? Basta olhar para o céu.  A Virgin Atlantic administra um programa de e-mail de primeira classe e foi um prazer conversar com Jon Lockie da Virgin, Lead Email Developer, e Tom Nowell, gerente Customer Data and Market Database, no episódio 34 do State of Email Live.  Continue lendo para aprender uma ampla variedade de táticas de e-mail

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ConvertKit’s August 2022 Deliverability Report


One of our values at ConvertKit is to work in public. We strive for transparency, which is why we share information that is typically kept private, such as our finances. One commonly asked question by creators looking for a new email marketing platform is, “How is your email deliverability?” Here is our monthly deliverability report to answer that question: If you missed previous Deliverability reports

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Case Study: How many products does it take to optimize revenue?


How many products should you include in an email to optimize revenue? As marketers, we have to balance the number of products we present to potential customers. Too few and you may lose sales because there aren’t enough options; too many and you may lose sales due to analysis paralysis. This is a test I do a lot with clients sending multi-product emails. We work

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Good Taxonomy Leads to Great Digital Marketing Optimization Opportunities


Digital marketing is flush with optimization opportunities, but only if you have a highly organized program. A central key to that is having a solid taxonomy, where you use tagging to keep track of various program elements. This kind of tagging system is key to easily and regularly optimizing your: Audience acquisition sources Calls-to-actions Content types Campaign performance Let’s talk about how tagging helps with

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How to land sponsorships from major brands as a creator


Joshua Bell is one of the best violinists in the world. But when he was asked to busk in the L’Enfant Plaza Station in Washington, D.C. with his 3.5 million dollar violin, he only collected a measly $32. Thousands of people rushed past the world-renowned violinist, but only 20 people (roughly) tossed a bit of change into his violin case. As it turns out, context

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Preparing for BIMI Support in Apple


Apple’s new BIMI support changes everything, but they need the other mailbox providers to play ball. Here’s how they’ll be able to work together to do that. Not everyone has iCloud accounts so you may not have noticed the new(ish) header: Authentication-Results:; bimi=skipped reason=“insufficient dmarc” Knowing Apple was moving to support BIMI this fall, this header was likely tied to that. Then Spam Resource

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Validity presenta soluciones premium de calidad de datos para los usuarios de Salesforce


Las dos últimas propuestas se integran perfectamente en la plataforma Salesforce, lo que permite a los usuarios evaluar y mejorar fácilmente la calidad de los datos del CRM Validity ha anunciado el lanzamiento de DeDuped y DemandTools Free edition, soluciones exclusivas para los usuarios de Salesforce sin coste alguno. La buena calidad de los datos son la base de las empresas eficientes, sin embargo, los datos

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Validity apresenta soluções premium de qualidade de dados para usuários do Salesforce


Os dois últimos lançamentos integram-se perfeitamente à plataforma Salesforce, permitindo que os usuários avaliem e melhorem facilmente a qualidade dos dados do CRM.  A Validity anunciou no Dreamforce 2022 o lançamento das edições DeDuped e DemandTools Free, duas soluções gratuitas e exclusivas para usuários do Salesforce.  Dados de boa qualidade são a base de negócios eficientes, mas os dados continuam a se deteriorar nos sistemas

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7 Salesforce Data Management Tips You Should Know


Salesforce is a powerful platform that can help businesses of all sizes manage their customer data. However, getting the most out of Salesforce requires understanding how to best manage your data. In this blog post, we’ll share seven tips for  Salesforce data management. By following these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your Salesforce investment and improve your business’s bottom line. 1.

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6 Tips for Improving the Body Copy of Your Email Messages


Earlier this month I provided some tips for better subject lines, preheader text, and headlines. Today let’s build on that by talking about best practices for body copy in your email messages. This is based on best practice and my 20+ years helping clients make their email marketing more effective and more profitable. As always, you should A/B split test into any changes to your

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Apple’s MPP Revisited: More Pain Points!


Back in September 2021, email senders were coming to terms with the news that the open rate metric—a staple of email marketing reporting—was about to change forever. This was when Apple introduced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), a suite of privacy measures that would automatically download email images (including tracking pixels) regardless of whether the recipient actually opened the email. This caused open rates to skyrocket—but

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ICYMI: Avoiding the Naughty List and the Spam Folder this Holiday Season


It’s that time again! It might only be September, but smart email marketers know that this is the time to start preparing and planning for a successful holiday season. Recently, Jennifer Nespola Lantz and I presented a webinar on this very topic. Below we'll recap key takeaways, and feel free to register to watch the recorded webinar here. With the rise of Black Friday, Cyber

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Holiday Prep: Best Day to Send Email (A/B Split Test)


I always get a laugh out of research promising to reveal the ‘best day to send email.’ Because, think about it… if the research says ‘Thursday at 3:00 PM ET’ is the best day/time to send, and everyone started sending at 3:00 PM ET on Thursdays, then the best time to send would be any time but that. Because at 3:00 PM ET on Thursdays

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6 Tips for Better Subject Lines, Preheader Text, and Headlines


I am a numbers person. When I work with clients, I always want to start with the data. The data helps me understand how subscribers are interacting with the email program. And how they interact with the email messages, what they think about the program, is more important than what I think, or even what the client thinks. But even without numbers, there are email

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