Email Newsletters: The New Best Practices

Nothing in email marketing is static, because ESP technology, inbox providers, and—most importantly—consumers are constantly changing. That change extends to the email newsletter, a mainstay of B2B marketing.

To get a read on the latest newsletter trends, I spoke with our Creative Services and B2B teams here at Oracle Marketing Consulting about what they were doing when they overhauled our clients’ newsletters. Consider this your guide to the new best practices for email newsletters. Here are their top recommendations:

  1. Use single-column layouts
  2. Adopt modular email architecture
  3. Personalize content
  4. Tease content
  5. Create read magnets
  6. Make your designs inclusive and accessible
  7. Differentiate your sender names
  8. Write descriptive subject lines
  9. Borrow from B2C email designs

For a discussion of each of these new best practices…

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