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Prepping your creative biz for a profitable Cyber Monday


Let me take you back: The year is 2005. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s divorce is finalized and everyone’s torn between Team Aniston and Team Jolie. Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” is the top hit of the year. And for the first time ever, Cyber Monday debuts itself as an online shopping frenzy in the United States. Cyber Monday has grown widely and nowadays, people

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Creator Q&A: Making big moves with artist Shelby Abrahamsen


You might have read how artist and entrepreneur Shelby Abrahamsen grew her email list to 60k subscribers or what it took for her to make irresponsible art, but recently she's made some big pivots to her business. Biggest detour or pivot your business has taken since you first started When I first began blogging, I was exclusively creating content about bullet journaling. After five or

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A Nightmare on Data Street: 5 Haunting CRM Horror Stories


A CRM that doubles as a House of Horrors can suck the fun out of spooky season. If you haven’t been prioritizing data quality, your scary data management practices will inevitably come back to haunt you—and your business will suffer the bone-chilling consequences. Come along (if you dare) for five horror stories told by CRM users* and the lessons they learned from experiencing these nightmares.

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Have a Negative Email Reputation? Here’s How to Fix It


Having a good email reputation is just as important as the content of the email that you send. A negative email reputation can result in low deliverability rates, higher than normal bounces, increased spam folder placement, or worst of all—getting blocklisted. This can ripple through your entire email marketing campaign with the potential to ruin future campaigns as well. But wait—what can you do if

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ICYMI: A Witch’s Guide to Email List Management


It’s that spooky time of the year, when we start thinking about how to resurrect a dead email list and prepare for peak email season! In our latest recorded webinar, Jennifer Nespola Lantz and I warn you about what ghoulish things will cause toil and trouble in the cauldron containing your email database. We’ll also walk you through email verification best practices, engagement and re-permissioning

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Email Issues That Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine


‘Tis the season for scary movies, pumpkins & ramping up email sending. Whether you avoid horror movies at all costs or ghoulishly seek them out, all email marketers, including the most squeamish, should hear these tales. This month’s collection of email deliverability horror stories is haunting and entertaining. And should act as a warning to senders who let best practices slip during peak sending season.

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Introducing the Validity Email Revenue Calculator 


It’s a question as old as time: How much money can you really earn from your email program?   Good news, number crunchers: We finally have an answer.   Meet Validity’s brand-new Email Revenue Calculator. As inboxes get more crowded, subscriber expectations rise, and budgets tighten, senders can’t afford to play fast and loose with their email marketing investments.   That’s why we’ve designed a tool to help

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Case Study: Do Personalized Logos Increase Revenue?


It’s conventional wisdom that  personalization boosts the bottom-line performance of your email marketing. And it often works. But maybe don’t count on it… That’s what we learned from this case study, which is the second of a series (here’s the first one) about a journey into personalized email that one of my clients took. You’ll learn what they did, how it performed, and what we

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What is Subscriber Data Management for Email Marketing?


Consumers expect highly personalized experiences when engaging with your brand. If you fail to meet them on their terms, they’ll likely switch to one of your competitors. This means that you must prove you care about your customers as individuals and try to understand their unique needs at every touchpoint—especially when you’re sending them regular marketing emails. Luckily, there’s an abundance of data available to

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Mailgun Podcast: Silver Linings in Omnichannel Marketing


“Deliverability and strategy are inexorably intertwined. Deliverability sets the floor for what we need to achieve.” That was just one of the things I said during my time on Email’s Not Dead podcast with Mailgun’s Jonathan Torres, Eric Trinidad, and Nick Schafer. During our conversation, which focused heavily on deliverability and performance measurement, we also talked about: Spamhaus becoming much more active How Mail Privacy

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Should I Buy An Email List


Let me start by saying this is not a post about the legality of buying an email list. If you want to check on the legality in your country, speak to a lawyer. We're here to discuss whether you should or should not buy a list. Spoiler alert … You should NOT! Definitions We all know what SPAM is … Or at least we should ;-)

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6 Tips for Making Better Use of Images in Your Email Messages


Most email messages sent today include images. But are you using the right images? And are you using them effectively? Are there things you could do to boost bottom-line performance?   Here are some tips, based on best practice and my 20+ years helping clients make their email marketing more effective and more profitable. As always, you should A/B split test into any changes to

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Can Email Marketing Follow Ups Bounce, Even If Your First Emails Went Through?


Email bounce—the two words every email marketer dreads. Nothing is more frustrating than investing time and effort to craft and personalize the perfect message to your subscribers only to realize that it never saw the light of the inbox. You sent an email to a new email address. It was delivered. Everything’s good, right? Unfortunately, even if an email didn’t bounce the first time, it

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Email List Management: Future-Proofing Best Practices for 2023


Even as marketing keeps evolving, email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools for market outreach. However, that doesn’t mean email and your approach to it aren’t changing. Businesses are always finding new ways to change with the times, and you should, too. You may ask, “With so much changing in email marketing, how should my email list management change?” This article will

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How to run discounts and increase sales using ConvertKit


Ever bought an item just because it was on sale? You’re not alone. Discounts are hard to resist because customers feel like they’re winning by purchasing an item for several dollars less than it’s worth. Seasonal discounts like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals are even more enticing. While you’ll be doing your fair of shopping, as a creator, discounts are an effective way

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