How Daphnee Lagredelle brought $100,000+ of revenue into her coaching business with ConvertKit

Daphnee Lagredelle is a business coach for women from the African diaspora who want to start and grow their online business.

She’s from Haiti, as are most of her clients. Moving there, she found it hard to navigate the business world, both due to the lack of information as well as the language barrier.

She was able to go to school, and get degrees in behavioral health, human services, social work, and leadership. Daphnee is now in her third year as a PhD student. “I wanted to bring women along with me, especially in the global community. I want to make sure that the foundation of their business is stellar, something they can use right now, but also that their kids and grandkids can benefit from, too,” she explains.

Daphnee Lagredelle’s email subscriber growth.

Daphnee runs live events called Elite Tour, as well as one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and other services like trademark, logo, and website design through a partnership with another company.

Thanks to ConvertKit, Daphnee and her team were able to bring over $100,000 of revenue in the past year alone.

“Using ConvertKit has been a game-changer for me. The fact I can use it to email my subscribers and clients, as well as for automations, is fantastic. We looked into other platforms, but nothing matched ConvertKit,” says Daphnee.

Here’s how Daphnee uses ConvertKit’s opt-in forms, landing pages, automations, and Commerce to run a wildly successful coaching business.

1. Formats and lead magnets people genuinely want

Daphnee’s main social media channel is Facebook, where she has more than 62,000 followers. She uses video, both live and pre-recorded, to educate and connect with her audience almost daily.
These frequent Facebook videos are how Daphnee tackles topics like confident speaking, social justice, and business foundations. She also talks about her background, experience, and focus. Her viewers love it, and these videos regularly reach dozens of shares and thousands of views.

One of Daphnee’s live teaching sessions on Facebook. Image via Daphnee Lagredelle.

In her video descriptions, Daphnee links to her website, her Elite Tour event, her free classes, lead magnets, and coaching services depending on the topic of that specific video.

Daphnee’s lead magnet. Image via Daphnee Lagredelle.

Daphnee says she only focuses on a few main lead magnets, one of which is her free business checklist. She links to this resource in her link-in-bio landing page, as well as in any press features.

Because of the three lead magnets I have, I was able to get the first 2,000 people onto my email list. But I keep making sure that the people I email are engaged and still interested, so I regularly clean out my email list and remove people who haven’t opened and clicked on emails in a while.

Get the cold subscriber re-engagement template

Video is at the forefront of everything Daphnee does to grow her audience, email list, and revenue. There’s a reason for it: she knows that’s what her audience wants. Her ideal clients prefer live classes and guided video content over written content as it makes it easier for them to take action.

2. Automations that delight new and existing subscribers

When a new subscriber joins Daphnee’s email list—she calls it Daphnee’s Community—they get a welcome email that outlines what to expect and what to do next. Daphnee uses this opportunity to let her new subscriber know she goes live on social media frequently, she sends emails twice a week, and that she’s frank and transparent when teaching.

Daphnee’s welcome email.

Daphnee loves welcoming new subscribers on autopilot, and explains why it’s important to her:

When new people come to my website and subscribe, I want them to have a good experience right away. I want them to hear from me quickly, and that they know I appreciate them. It’s also how I send them a free video after a few days, and announce upcoming classes that I know they’ll love and get value from. This way, they don’t have to wait for the next broadcast email to know that signing up was worth it.

Get the welcome sequence template

For current subscribers and clients, Daphnee has a tagging system in place, which makes it easy to promote different classes based on what the person purchased before. For example, if someone attended a class about building business credit, they’ll likely be interested in another class about business finances.

Daphnee also rewards her loyal subscribers by offering them lower event ticket prices, which aren’t available publicly.

If you’re on my email list, you get special access to the best ticket price for an event I’m hosting. There’s no other way to get a ticket for that price elsewhere, and my subscribers have noticed that.

They can see how much their loyalty means to me.

3. Having a reliable platform that does it all

Daphnee praises ConvertKit’s ability to do everything she needs to promote and sell products in one place. Although she still uses some digital product integrations alongside ConvertKit Commerce, the plan is to bring everything together in ConvertKit in the near future.

No surprise there: with automations, products, and broadcasts working seamlessly together, Daphnee can sell event tickets, digital products, coaching packages, and memberships all from a single dashboard.

ConvertKit is already my go-to platform. It’s because when we do sit down, when we’re ready to kick off promotions for events and classes that we have coming up, there are already automations and product pages set up that make it happen. I don’t need to worry about anything.

Another big advantage Daphnee got with ConvertKit Commerce is the ability to offer payment plans. This way, her clients can pay her one-on-one coaching over the course of several months instead of a larger sum upfront.

It makes Daphnee’s services more available to those who need them the most and brings her revenue faster than before.

An example of setting up a payment plan in ConvertKit Commerce.

When Daphnee’s clients talk about her in reviews and testimonials, they always talk about her confidence, attention to detail, and reliability. That’s exactly what ConvertKit allows her to be, because she never has to worry about what’s happening in the back end.

She can fully focus on serving, teaching, and inspiring thousands of people that count on her to do so.

Support your creative business with the right platform

Whether you sell digital products, coaching sessions, live event tickets, or something in between, the key to doing it well is having a way to own your relationship with your audience.

Even though Daphnee hosts regular live sessions on her Facebook, she makes sure to send those who want to keep learning from her to her website and her ConvertKit landing pages. She knows that’s where she can reach her audience at any moment, without relying on social media algorithms and preferences.

With ConvertKit, you won’t just gain full control over your relationship with your audience—you’ll also be able to launch new products and connect them with your emails and automations in a pinch.

Check out ConvertKit Commerce and how it lets you easily sell digital products, paid newsletters, coaching, and more. You can build your products and start selling them for free. If you don’t have it yet, grab your ConvertKit account today.

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