Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Building a Sunsetting Policy

Building a sunsetting policy is an exercise for marketing teams to remove subscribers that are no longer engaging with their email communications. This can be done by sending a series of reminder emails, conducting user surveys, and offering incentives to inactive users. The optimal inactivity threshold should be determined by considering multiple data points, such as user engagement, user retention, and cost analysis. An email series should also be combined with email automation to address inactive users. Finally, sunsetting inactive and unengaged users can help improve the overall user experience and maintain a clean user base.

Excerpt from the main article:

Building a sunsetting policy has become a common exercise for marketing teams when looking at managing their email lists. But where do you start with determining a user is inactive? What is sunsetting you ask? Its the exercise of removing subscribers that are no longer engaging with your email communications. This can be accomplished by sending a short series of emails (also called win-back) to revive interest in your email. There are several reasons that you might consider a sunsetting program; legislation, deliverability, cost, and general list hygiene practices. User data privacy: Ensure compliance with relevant data privacy regulations while

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