Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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How Does Mailchimp Abandoned Cart Work

Mailchimp is a widely used marketing automation tool that enables businesses to create automated email campaigns for recovering lost purchases with Abandoned Cart Email feature. It is a popular service for automating email marketing activities with paid and freemium versions. The ideal number of emails in a Mailchimp cart abandonment series is three. However, some clients use 5 or 7 emails depending on the price and their audience. It is recommended to disable any previous cart abandonment emails before setting up a Mailchimp Abandoned Cart Email series, as multiple emails to a customer may become a nuisance. Mailchimp offers a default abandoned cart email and resources to help optimize the email campaign. The customer journey needs to be understood and objectives considered before setting up the email series. The emails should be tailored to match the brand image, contain relevant information, product images, and an enticing offer. Generally, an abandoned cart series should include three emails sent within 24 hours, a few days later, and after 1 week.

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Abandoned carts are one of the most significant banes of the digital era.  It represents a loss of potential sales opportunities and costs your business money. Fortunately, Our Mailchimp experts can help you to recover those lost purchases with Abandoned Cart Email feature. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about setting up and using Mailchimp Abandoned Cart Emails. We’ll also include a deep-dive case study to illustrate how effective this tool can be for your business. Setting the Precedence One of our clients, a global fashion retailer, witnessed an average of 56% cart abandonment rate. They

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