Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Time To Put On First-Party Hats

This article discusses the importance of transitioning to using first-party data instead of third-party data, which is becoming increasingly difficult to access. It outlines three ways businesses can utilize events to acquire first-party data, such as creating an event playbook for small, local events, integrating event management tools with customer relationship management systems, and making sure events extend beyond the marketing or events management teams. It emphasizes the need for marketers to start the transition to first-party data now and highlights the potential benefits of doing so.

Excerpt from the main article:

by Harvey Chipkin. For marketers, the new year means it’s time to go to the party –- the first party, that is. With the fading away of third-party data, companies will have to find ways to access data directly from consumers –- ideally, in ways that might even be superior to traditional tools.Greg Higgins, general manager for Europe/Middle East/Africa and head of global partnerships for Splash, an event marketing technology company, said that longtime sources of third-party data — including Safari and Firefox — have already eliminated it, while Google is doing away with it

Time To Put On First-Party Hats was originally published on MediaPost.com: email

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