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8 Strategies to Prime Your Email Program for Success in 2023  

Validity, an email verification software provider, has published a blog post outlining eight strategies for improving email marketing success in 2023. The post recommends taking a data-driven approach to email marketing, focusing on engagement, and using technology to automate and personalize campaigns. Other strategies include focusing on deliverability, prioritizing mobile optimization, and leveraging customer feedback. The post also emphasizes the importance of a robust email infrastructure and the need to adhere to email laws and regulations. By implementing these strategies, businesses can improve their email marketing performance and increase the return on investment from their email campaigns.

Excerpt from the main article:

Marketers are in the trenches this year dealing with forces like inflation and favorite tools being consolidated, which could mean having to learn new or different ways to operate. Not to mention, layoffs are occurring across nearly all industries, which can leave marketing teams much smaller.   This is all happening as email marketers face pressure to master new technologies like Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for email. Needless to say, it’s a lot.   Being successful in an environment where deliverability is getting harder requires taking a step back and reviewing best practices, then trying

8 Strategies to Prime Your Email Program for Success in 2023   was originally published on Blog – Validity

Richelo Killian
Richelo Killian
Richelo "Rich" Killian has over 30 years of experience in the information technology field, and more than 15 years of experience in email deliverability and marketing.


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