Data is Not a Dirty Word


Data is the oxygen that powers business today. It underlies everything we need to do to run a healthy business. As we all know, there are many challenges and success drivers in data strategy. We got some of our data thought leaders to join Tunc Bolluk for a discussion about the role of data across business, the importance of data quality in your CRM, and…

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The Last Word on February 2021


A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports 2021 State of the ESP RFP Survey Results and Conclusions (Only Influencers) How Popular is Dark Mode Usage for HTML Emails? (Email on Acid) If You’re Not Working to Upgrade Your Marketing Skills, Why Not? (Business2Community) Fun Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Background Photos for Email…

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75 Open-Worthy Subject Line Ideas


They say don’t judge an email by its subject line, but let’s be honest: We’re always keeping an eye out for the best of the best. After all, the subject line is the first impression your message has on its recipients and can help you improve your opens and clicks. That’s a lot of pressure for a seemingly short line of text. While there is…

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Trendline Interactive Acquires LeadMD to Form Buyer Experience Powerhouse


Two industry leaders join together to drive the next level of success for both B2C and B2B organizations. Austin, TX. (March 2, 2021) — LeadMD, the leading performance marketing consultancy in the U.S., and Trendline Interactive, a full-service marketing agency and consultancy, have today announced the merger of their business operations. Both companies provide a full […] The post Trendline Interactive Acquires LeadMD to Form Buyer…

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Email Marketing Trends for 2021: Proven Essentials


In the ever-changing world of email marketing, it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and energy. It’s extra challenging in turbulent times like these, when consumer behaviors and business goals are shifting. To help you prioritize your email marketing efforts this year, we surveyed Oracle Marketing Consulting’s more than 500 digital marketing experts, asking them to rate the current adoption of…

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Create Your First Video Even If You Have No Experience


87% of marketers use video in their marketing.  And while you don’t want to do something just because everyone else is doing it… ...If you’re not using video, you could be left in the dust by your competitors who are using video.  Unfortunately, video can be an intimidating thing to tackle if you have no experience creating videos.  I get it. I’m not a video…

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Three ways thriving email marketing programs grow healthy email lists


At the core of any successful email marketing program lies a healthy database of subscribers. Therefore, marketers should make growing that database a central priority. However, list growth continues to be difficult for marketers. An Ascend2 survey reported that 34% of respondents found “increasing email list size” was a difficult objective to achieve. This was […] The post Three ways thriving email marketing programs grow…

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Trendline Interactive Acquires Data Insight Group to Expand its Advanced Analytics and Data Science Business


AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Trendline Interactive, a digital messaging consulting and professional services firm headquartered in Austin, Texas, today announced the acquisition of Canadian data and analytics company Data Insight Group (DiG). This further strengthens Trendline’s data science and analytics services in order to better help its customers understand their data and […] The post Trendline Interactive Acquires Data Insight Group to…

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How to Explain Email Sunsetting to Your Boss


Though it might seem counterintuitive to some, email sunsetting is the process of removing addresses without engagement for a specified length of time. Removing email addresses can be a hard pill to swallow for supervisors who may believe you need every address possible to increase ROI, but it’s essential. There are a few key things to highlight to your boss to help them understand why…

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8 Steps to Effective Video Email Marketing


If you’re not creating video — and promoting video in your email marketing — you’re missing out on some serious audience engagement and revenue growth. People love watching marketing videos. Here’s the proof: 82% of global web traffic will come from video streaming and downloads. Viewers say they retain more information (95% of a message) after watching a video. Videos are the #1 way consumers discovered a…

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25 captivating call to action examples to 2x your list growth (and why they work)


If you want to succeed as a creator, you need an email list full of people who can’t wait to hear from you. To get there, you need call-to-actions that will turn a landing page visitor into an email subscriber. The challenge? CTAs are so important they can become intimidating. Instead of making your CTA pop, you go with a generic one, like a simple…

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The Battle of the Opt-In Methods


It's 2021, the golden age of data privacy laws and requirements, which means you should only be sending opt-in or permission-based emails. If you are not, you're setting yourself up for BIG trouble—not only from a legal perspective, from a deliverability perspective as well. Obtaining explicit consent from subscribers will not only ensure better inbox placement but will also help drive positive engagement and reduce…

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