5 Ways to Generate More Loyalty & Email Signups


The sunsetting of third-party cookies is putting added pressure on marketers to grow their email subscriber and loyalty member audiences. In addition to needing to collect more email addresses as identifiers, they need the zero- and first-party data these programs generate to improve targeting and personalization across all their advertising and marketing efforts. Here are five ways to boost your loyalty and email signups: Sell…

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GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign – Which Tool is Better?


These are two of the best email marketing services in our opinion. The main difference between GetResponse and ActiveCampaign is the range of features they offer and what they charge for them. ActiveCampaign’s specialty is marketing automation, allowing you to build complex workflows based on email engagement, web events, and events in third-party tools (e.g. purchases or support tickets), to name a few. Customer messaging

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Why Email Authentication Matters to Your Email Program


An Introduction to Email Authentication Have you ever received an email from yourself, but you never sent it? (tires screeching, brakes burning) What?! If you’re nodding, you know too much about email. If not, this series is for you. Email is flexible, adaptable, and ever-evolving in its purpose. Sadly malicious actors have taken advantage of these qualities, which is why we have anti-spam laws, spam…

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Leveraging the Email Marketing Funnel to Boost Your Bottom-line Performance


One of the things I love most about email marketing is all the data. It’s so trackable; you can see how recipients are engaging with your messages at each step of the email marketing funnel. Here’s the thing; there’s so much data that it’s easy to get lost in it. It’s rare that my clients don’t have access to the data they need to analyze

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Top 12 Email Marketing Software for Shopify in 2022


Looking for an email marketing platform to connect and promote your Shopify store? Then you’re in the right place!  In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 12 email marketing services that integrate directly with Shopify. We’ve highlighted their key features along with the pros and cons you’ll want to keep in mind before you buy […]

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9 ways you can use ConvertKit’s Tip Jar to monetize your creator journey (with real-life examples)


You’ve worked hard to build your audience. You know that developing and launching a product will take time—but you want to get paid for your hard work sooner. (Read: for the dozens or hundreds of hours you spent creating blog posts, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and other hyper-valuable resources.) The way to make it happen? By setting up a tip jar. It’s the easiest way to…

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How sponsorship coach Justin Moore had a $40K course launch with ConvertKit


Justin Moore is on a mission: help creators big and small land a million sponsorships by 2032. It’s a bold goal, but not an impossible one. Justin has been a full-time creator with his wife for a decade, with 1.5 million followers across all platforms. He’s run an influencer marketing agency for six years. In other words, he has deep insights on both sides of…

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Inboxing Podcast: Special Guest Chad White


I join host Hillel Berg for the second season of the Inboxing Podcast. During the hour-long conversation, we talk about: Mobile-friendliness Inclusive design and email accessibility Email marketing’s unique advantages The need to continue desiloing the email marketing channel List building Why I wrote “Email Marketing Rules” My top 5 email marketing tips for 2022 And much more

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Ми підтримуємо Україну


В GetResponse ми одними з перших засудили російську агресію і почали робити серйозні кроки заради підтримки України. Але сьогодні ми знову хочемо наголосити найважливіше.

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How this creator grew his email list to 1000+ subscribers after switching from Substack to ConvertKit


From one single idea, Creator Dylan Redekop started his entrepreneurship-focused newsletter, Growth Currency. “I didn’t have a brand or anything,” he says. “I wanted to start writing online and sharing what I knew, things like tools, products, and resources to help other creators like me on a similar path, so I started a Substack newsletter.” Since January 2021, he’s published a weekly, editorial-driven newsletter focused…

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How CTV advertising can bypass digital media’s awkward teenage years


Who remembers the awkward stages of moving print ads to digital? Not too long ago, advertisers were tasked with moving ads from the pages of print newspapers and magazines to digital publisher pages. The initial instinct was to do a one-to-one translation, assuming that the internet functioned just like the real world. Advertisers bought digital ad spaces and bundles with individual online publishers, just like…

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Best Picture winner CODA shines a light on the importance of email accessibility


Last night’s Academy Awards made history. And I’m not talking about the “slap heard ‘round the world.” I’m talking about CODA, a coming-of-age story about a high school senior and child of deaf adults, which capped off its successful award season with an historic win of the evening’s most coveted prize—Oscar for Best Picture. CODA is the first movie starring a predominantly deaf ensemble in…

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Data is still king for post-pandemic retail marketing


TL;DR: Here are the key retail marketing focus areas we heard at early 2022 events:   Succeeding in a cookie-less world to retain and engage customers long term  Growing importance of organizing and collecting first-party data to provide personalized omnichannel experiences  Increased need be responsive, offer convenience, and frictionless experiences to meet customer expectations 

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How to Know If Your Email Is Blocked


If your emails aren’t landing where they should, you might be wondering where you’ve gone wrong – or even if you’ve been blocked. However, chances are, you’re facing a deliverability issue, not a block. It’s a common misconception that landing in the spam folder indicates that an ISP or recipient has outright blocked you. In fact, whether you land in the inbox, spam, or elsewhere…

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Finding the Best Email Deliverability Tool for Your Business


Maybe you’ve noticed for the last several months, your engagement hasn’t been quite up to standard. Your first thought might be to check your delivery rate. It’s 99% — no worries there, right? Not quite – delivery rate isn’t the only metric to pay attention to, and it only tells you what was accepted, but not where it went. If you want to up your…

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A Guide to Affiliate Marketing


Often, you’ll hear affiliate marketing touted as a way to make money in your sleep. That’s because once the affiliate sets up a campaign, it can generate passive income for months and even years to come. For businesses, it’s a low-maintenance way to reach potential customers and increase sales.  That sounds like a win-win. But […] The post A Guide to Affiliate Marketing appeared first…

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5 Pre-Send Tips to Optimize Your Email Performance


The inbox is growing more crowded every day. For email marketing campaigns to be successful, they must stand out, provide value, and engage readers. This is where email optimization comes in. Pre-send optimization is one of the most effective ways to boost your email performance. But because it can be a complicated and time-consuming process, it is often overlooked by email marketers. Luckily, there are…

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