Deliverability is nuanced


The deliverability discussion calls are going well and I’m going continue to host them on a biweekly basis. Next call will be May 6th, 5pm Ireland time, noon Eastern and 9am Pacific time. Still doing invites manually, so drop me an email at laura-ddiscuss@ the obvious domain. A few weeks ago, the discussion entered around machine learning in general. As a follow on I’d planned…

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How the upcoming presidential election will impact consumer spending


With election 2020 fast approaching, brands are starting to adjust their marketing plans to prepare for ‘the change in the consumer’s mindset’ to ensure their brand remains front and center. During the presidential election, consumers are distracted. The advertising marketplace is cluttered with campaign advertisements and consumers are constantly monitoring their mobile devices to check for the latest updates. With the election being top of…

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The Creator’s guide to Instagram image sizes


  Jump ahead: Why choosing the right Instagram image sizes is important A refresher on Instagram aspect ratio and resolution The best sizes for Instagram photo posts The ideal sizes for Instagram video posts The best size for Instagram Stories The best size for IGTV posts The best size for Instagram Live videos The best size for Instagram profile pictures When Instagram first launched in 2010,…

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Top Designs For April


This month we’re sharing our love of Biscoff, funky socks, and house plants. The working from home essentials, right?   1. Doughnut Time SL: YOU’RE IN THE INNER CIRCLE 🍩 Chosen for: Minimal design approach. This email catches my attention as soon as it’s opened. Jumping straight… The post Top Designs For April appeared first on Email Design Review.

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The 6 Questions Every Business Needs to Ask Themselves During COVID-19


Vino 301 Wine Concierge’s core business, providing wine tours and tastings in Maryland vineyards, came to a crashing halt during COVID-19.  When a two week shelter in place order quickly turned into more than two months, owner Leslie Frelow knew she needed to figure out something fast or she might no longer have a business.  Frelow took a hard look at why people use their…

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Notes from the Field: Single Table Dedupe Module


Clean, robust CRM data is a thing of beauty, offering businesses a single view of each customer, all in one place. But when duplicate records make their way into the database, that “single” view ceases to exist. Duplicates create headaches throughout the organization, negatively impacting sales forecasts, pipeline management, marketing spend, and customer experiences. “Seeing double” in the CRM is just one of the many…

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Email on Tap, Episode 21: Lee Brine, Sr. Director of CRM, Vimeo


In Season 2’s final episode, Validity spoke with Lee Brine, Senior Director of CRM at Vimeo (and Validity customer!), to delve into his history at the world’s largest ad-free video platform. Lee discusses his start in CRM, building an email marketing program from scratch, to today, where Vimeo has scaled its platform to serve over 175 million members globally. What does Lee see in his…

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Think Like a Designer to Increase Email Metrics


Form and function are the most important elements in determining a design’s success, but understanding what that looks like and how it works is a challenge all marketers face. If an email looks great but functions horribly, you will lose out on clicks. If it functions well but looks amateurish, you will also lose out on clicks and, most likely, the respect of your subscribers.…

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The State of Email Sign-ups Webinar Recap


Featuring Kickbox + eFocus Marketing Orignially aired on Thursday, April 16, 2020 It’s no secret that marketing is becoming increasingly digitized, and email marketing is playing a huge role in driving ROI as competition increases. This is especially true for companies in the US and UK, which are leading markets in the shift from brick-and-mortar to digital marketing. To better understand and analyze best practices…

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Blast, Harvesting, Purchased Opt-in, Engagement, and Click Rate: Email Vocabulary


For some reason, a lot of the people I’ve been communicating with lately are using the term ‘blast’ to describe sending to their email list. It reminded me of this article, which I originally wrote for my ClickZ column in 2011. Enjoy! My mother taught me, from the time I was small, that words matter. In my family, saying “I’ve got to pee” wasn’t an…

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Email Deliverability Unfiltered: Gaps in MarTech


There are so many factors to consider when diagnosing issues with deliverability, from data collection, management and authentication to targeting and content. If your company doesn't have a dedicated deliverability team, these tasks often fall on the marketer's plate which is why having the right technology is so important. Unfortunately, getting to the root of your issue can be time consuming and oftentimes deliverability tools…

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The State of CRM Data Management 2020


What’s the impact of CRM data quality on your business?  What do the “elite eight” percent of top performing companies do to maintain high data quality in their CRMs?  Validity partnered with global research firm Demand Metric to measure the impact CRM data quality has on a company’s overall revenue and the effectiveness of sales teams. We reveal the findings in our State of CRM Data Management 2020 report, with results…

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Gone Remote: Customer Success


Anyone familiar with the customer success (CS) space is no stranger to the term “retention today, growth tomorrow.” A happy customer base means a larger advocacy base. As this infographic shows, 92% of customers trust recommendations from people they know. Convinced yet?  “Customer Success, this is your time to shine,” says Bora Lee, customer success operations at ChurnZero.  Twenty to forty percent of churn is typically from…

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The Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020


Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools for growing your business. (Need proof? Check out stat #1 below.) And although email marketing has been around for decades, it’s everchanging. New email marketing tools — like AMP for Email — pop up all of the time. Marketers are taking innovative approaches to email marketing. And email marketing benchmarks change every year. Want…

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How to Segment Your Email List Using Quiz Funnels


We’re continually making snap judgments about other people. For better or worse, human beings can’t help but divide everyone they meet into some group or another. This might be based on how they speak, dress, act, etc. These impressions then affect how we interact with people in all sorts of different ways. It determines what you talk about, and if you’re a salesperson, what product…

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In times of uncertainty, data helps us stay connected


Marketing to your customers during this time has changed. Being transparent and authentic in each and every communication is more important than ever. Data is the fuel that drives these communications and marketing campaigns. It connects consumers to brands and helps create an emotional relationship while establishing trust in their products and services. But when uncertainty continues, it’s easy to become distracted. Marketers need to…

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