How YouTuber Nick True uses dedicated lead magnets and automations to grow his email list to over 10,000 subscribers


An often-repeated form of personal finance advice: the best kind of savings are the kind you never have to think about. Setting and forgetting your 401k, Roth IRA contributions, or your loan payments is the first step toward financial independence — one of the many pieces of advice that personal finance expert Nick True and his wife Hanna at Mapped Out Money share with their…

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How the Great Resignation is Affecting Your Data


Earlier this year, an unprecedented number of professionals quit their jobs or stepped into new roles in response to the pandemic. This initial wave of resignations resulted in an ongoing trend of employees leaving their jobs, more commonly referred to as the “Great Resignation.” Resignations initially picked up steam in April and stayed high throughout the remainder of 2021. Nearly four and a half million…

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Everything you need to know about virtual assistants as a creator


My number-one secret to a good vacation? Befriending the hotel concierge. Concierges know the ins and outs of the area you’re staying in. They can give you personalized recommendations for activities, get you a table at the hottest restaurant in town, and help you solve unforeseen issues. Now imagine having someone like that for your business. Someone with the expertise to help you with tasks…

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Are You Rickrolling Your Email Subscribers?


Email is a rockstar tool for engaging with fans who sing your brand’s praises. But if you’re not following common email best practices, there’s a chance you may be Rickrolling your subscribers. For those not familiar with meme culture, Rickrolling involves tricking someone into listening to Rick Astley’s 80s pop song “Never Gonna Give You Up.” While Rickrolling is an effective way to troll your…

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Growing your email list with a referral program


Creators always ask, “how do I grow my audience?” While the answer is different for everyone, when you’re an emerging creator with a tight budget, referral programs are a great way to expand without burning revenue. And not only expand, but find subscribers who are more likely to engage. As we continue moving away from open rates as our main metric, referral programs are a…

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10 click-worthy email personalization trends for 2022


The new year is right around the corner, and we know the questions on email marketers’ minds: What trends are heating up for next year and how can I integrate them into my 2022 planning? We’ve got you covered. 2022 is going to be a year of growth and innovation in the email space—so get comfortable and let’s dig into the hottest email marketing trends…

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The Last Word on November 2021


A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports Holiday Apple Pie: MPP Is Having An Impact At A Bad Time (MediaPost) Micro-Conversions: What They Are and Why They Matter (MarketingProfs) Email Shopping Reimagined (Postmaster @ Yahoo & AOL) When Cookies Turn To Toast: First-Party Data Will Be The New Jam (MediaPost) What You…

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5 automation examples for podcasters


To say your podcasting business has a lot of moving parts is an understatement. You have to come up with ideas, find guests and sponsors, write your script, record each episode, edit everything, and then promote it. Growing your podcast and engaging with your audience is exhilarating. Still, we’d all be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit it was sometimes exhausting and pulled us…

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How to Check if an Email is Valid


Email marketing offers one of the highest rates of return of any form of digital outreach. In fact, McKinsey says that it can be 40 times more effective than social media ––meaning it’s not a strategy you want to miss out on. The first step to maximizing your email marketing returns is curating a strong list of email addresses for prospects. And a key part…

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4 Ways Admins Can Encourage CRM Adoption


As a Salesforce administrator, you’ve probably faced adoption issues when getting your team to use the tool. You aren’t alone: Traditional CRM software is notorious for low adoption rates due to outdated interfaces, unnecessary complexity, and manual workflows. CRM adoption problems can have costly ripple effects, including missed sales opportunities, low team productivity, and poor-quality data entering the CRM. (Low-quality CRM data causes annual revenue losses…

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13 Inclusive Design Changes to Increase Your Digital Marketing Engagement


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), and other laws forced companies to make their stores, marketing campaigns, and other aspects of their business more accessible to people with disabilities. However, many brands began to realize that huge portions of their customer base benefit from such accommodations. The understanding that people with permanent, temporary, and situational challenges all…

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Feeling overwhelmed? 7 ways to add structure without losing creativity


When you first launch your creative business, it can feel like you’ve finally escaped the 9-5 grind. The irony is that you often end up working more hours than you would in a full-time job—and the stakes are much, much higher when you work for yourself. You start feeling anxious, and before you know it your usual creative spark has all but disappeared. It can…

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How to Build Your SPF Record in 5 Simple Steps


Did you know more than 90 percent of all cyberattacks start with email? In the evolving email landscape, danger lurks everywhere. Phishing attempts and domain spoofing attacks skyrocketed during COVID-19, increasing by 220 percent during the peak of the pandemic.  Even the most experienced marketing teams can mistakenly expose their email programs to harm. To protect yourself, your brand, and your customers from phishing and spoofing attacks,…

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