Email marketers need to understand how mailbox providers (MBPs) work. Do you?


Let’s cut to the chase. Simply put, mailbox providers (MBPs) are the gatekeepers between your email and your subscribers. Using proprietary algorithms, they filter your email into the appropriate place, be it the proper tab, the spam folder, or the inbox in general. Marketers who are serious about their email ROI are also serious about their deliverability, and by using email analytics, you can start…

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What is FCrDNS and why do we care


It’s been a light blogging month. We’ve been dancing around getting the final plans, financing, and contractors set up for the work we’re doing on the Dublin house and then heading off for our first actual vacation in almost 5 years. But, I wrote half of this answering a question on mailop, so I may as well polish and publish. What is FCrDNS FCrDNS stands…

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Email Deliverability Summit at Oracle Modern CX on Mar. 23


Understanding the ever-changing rules of email deliverability takes considerable time and resources. But misunderstanding them can be very costly! Join me and Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s Email Deliverability Services team for our half-day Email Deliverability Summit, where we’ll cut through all the outdated and outright wrong information you might have read online and give you the latest and most valuable advice about inbox placement. Each…

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“It was good to feel embarrassed.”


How embarrassment gave motion designer Austin Saylor the motivation and courage to overcome procrastination and perfectionism. Photography by Keith Pitts It was the middle of the night, and Austin shot up out of bed – someone was banging on the door in the nearby apartment breezeway. His wife Rachel bolted upright and asked, “Did you hear that?” They listened closely. Someone was shouting. “Get out!…

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Migrating Your Email Data Between Platforms: What You Need to Know


Moving email data from one platform to another happens all the time. Perhaps you're switching ESPs or adopting a new CRM or marketing tool. With the MarTech landscape changing as frequently as it does, chances are at some point you'll be tasked with moving a large volume of customer data to another platform. In a recent guest blog post, written for Campaign Monitor, Kickbox Marketing…

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Centralizing Data and Speaking as One Company


Building out your audience and then segmenting that audience to ensure you’re delivering the right message to the right people is critical. However, it can be confusing to determine how best to improve your efforts. That’s why Oracle developed the Marketing Maturity Model, which helps you determine where your organization is in developing its various capabilities and what should be done to enhance those capabilities.…

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What is Facebook Pixel and How to Use It – a Definitive Guide


Lately, everything in marketing is all about “data-driven” and “data-based decisions,” or my favorite, “there’s no place for sentiments, only data.” Then, someone asks me for an opinion about their Facebook Ads performance, and there’s nothing that helps make those “data-based decisions.” That’s why I decided to prepare this guide on how to use Facebook Pixel. Placing a Pixel is the very first step of…

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Email Deliverability Unfiltered: Measuring the Impact of Issues


It's important to ensure you're tracking the proper deliverability metrics in order to properly identify and mitigate email deliverability issues when they arise. If you're not familiar with how your email program is performing, it will be difficult to understand the impact those issues have on your business and email program. We asked email deliverability experts Alyssa Dulin from ConvertKit, Chaitanya Chinta from Netcore and…

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Increase Customer Engagement With These 4 Tips


Customers are now more powerful than ever. Their always-connected status and ability to find information anytime from anywhere–in a matter of seconds–puts them in control of their own experience, and this trend has forced marketers to rethink how they engage and connect with their customers. Here are 4 tips to drive engagement for your digital programs. Make it Personal Personalization has been deemed as one…

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Email Experts Series: Free Email Infrastructure Tips


The best things in life are free, and thus we asked a couple of our most savvy email experts to list and explain some of the best free email development features in this edition of our Email Experts Series. From unsubscribe headers making subscribers’ lives a little easier (helping you reduce your number of spam complaints) to branded links and images to keep your sender…

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The key to improving deliverability


According to the UK DMA, marketers report improvements in deliverability after GDPR went into effect. I mean, thank you UK DMA for doing the research. Of course deliverability is going to improve when you send mail to those people who have expressly opted into your mail. 76% report an increase in open rates in the past 12 months; 75% say click- throughs are higher; 51%…

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Creating a Single Brand Experience to Grow Relationships


In Part 1 of this series on personalization, we discussed the importance of responsiveness and reacting to customer behaviors. These leading indicators of activities you want to accelerate or mitigate in a timely fashion are key to building a highly personalized brand experience. Let’s say you’ve nailed that though. What’s next? Data-driven relationship marketing, which takes a huge step toward meeting customers’ ever-growing expectations. There…

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Email on Tap Episode 18, with Marcel Becker, Director of Product Management, Verizon Media


Verizon Media is one of the largest inbox providers in the world, and Anthony Chiulli, our director of product marketing, was lucky enough to be able to talk directly with Marcel Becker, Verizon Media’s director of product management, at a recent email industry event for our Email on Tap video series. Marcel has deep insight into how the email industry works, and how email marketers…

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Creating Email Newsletters Your Subscribers Will Love


No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts The email newsletter still has a place in your email marketing strategy. Does yours check all of these boxes? Find out how to serve up a newsletter your subscribers will find irresistible. This month, we asked email marketing experts from Campaign Monitor, AWeber, eFocus Marketing, Mailninja, Email On Acid, & Email Uplers to share their thoughts on what it…

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6 Mind-Blowing Instagram Ad Examples to Drive Ecommerce Sales


Over the last few years, the popularity of Instagram has significantly influenced consumer behavior. Not only do shoppers turn to Instagram for product discovery, but they also buy products in-app. Instagram has great sales potential for ecommerce brands. So, if you want to run Instagram ad campaigns on budget, it’s important to learn from other companies and their best practices.Over 25 million businesses use Instagram…

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Address verification doesn’t fix any real problem


Would you trust an address verification company that used twitter spam to advertise their product? Would you trust an address verification company that sent email spam to advertise their product? Would you trust an address verification company that sent email advertising their product to made up addresses? Would you trust an address verification company that sent email advertising their product to spamtraps? Would you trust…

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