How to Promote a New Product Using Email Marketing


You’re excited about your new product or service. But a question creeps into the back of your mind. Will it sell? If it does, you’re a genius. If not, well… Fortunately, you’ve embraced email — the most profitable form of marketing — and that gives you a head start. Today’s post covers all the basics you need to get your product launch off to a…

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Double Opt-In Best Practices


Double opt-in (DOI) permission practices are often seen as unnecessary and harmful to list growth. However, when used correctly, they can improve your email program’s results by protecting your sender reputation, which keeps you from having deliverability problems. In this post, we answer key questions about double opt-in, including: How does a DOI process work? What are the advantages of DOI? What are the disadvantages…

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Does Gmail filter emails based on political beliefs?


In episode 14 of the Deliverability Defined podcast, Melissa and I debunk the idea that Gmail filters messages to spam based on political affiliation: Deliverability is a recent concern for some politicians It’s election season, and with that comes controversy, advertising, and extra emails in your inbox. In recent years, there have been claims that email providers, specifically Gmail, have filtered emails based on political…

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DMA Awards 2020: Fortune Befriends the Bold


In my first blog in this series, we walked through what the DMA Awards are and why they should matter to you. Now it’s time to peel back some layers of the onion and provide our guidance on curating a winning entry. Regardless of the category, entries should be focused upon three pillars: strategy, creativity, and results. Here are some key things to keep in…

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This Week in Commerce: How an online coach uses Commerce to validate their digital course idea with a presale


As ConvertKit Commerce beta testing continues, we're here for another installment of This Week in Commerce– your insider's peek into how creators like you are using the new tool and updates on what's coming next. How an online coach uses ConvertKit Commerce to validate their digital course idea with a presale The creator: Zig Zsiga has been in the networking industry for 20 years. He is currently…

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Effective Drip Series Message Maps


In the last couple of months, I’ve had the privilege of helping a number of companies improve the performance of their email drip series, or multi-effort email campaigns, as they are also called. One consistent weak spot: the message map that drives these campaigns. Here are a few tips… It’s so nice to see email marketers take the leap from single sends to automated drip…

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The Tricks that Tripled Blogger Emma Johnson’s Email Sign Ups


Like many successful entrepreneurs, Emma Johnson saw an opportunity with her blog, Wealthy Single Mommy.  “Nobody was speaking to me or my peers,” Emma said. “We have our own stories and challenges. I started a blog and I didn’t know what I was doing. It was a personal project. I thought I’d talk about money, but it went way beyond money.” Today, Emma has a…

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How to survive as an indie musician


The band Throw the Fight began like most bands do – playing in small clubs for “zero people” (unless you count the other bands waiting to go on, the bartender, or maybe the sound guy in the back). “There were so many bad shows,” lead guitarist Ryan Baustert remembers, but those were also the shows where they honed their craft. Even when no one showed…

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How to get more views on YouTube | 5 key strategies that work fast


Jump ahead Focus on YouTube SEO Increase watch time Improve clickthrough rate Encourage engagement Promote your video Get YouTube subscribers to join your email list   Creating valuable video content can take hours, not to mention all the time spent planning and strategizing. So the last thing you want is for your time and effort to go to waste. Which means you need your videos…

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Understanding consumer behavior in COVID-19: How AI can put your brand on the right path


Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing in importance in the digital advertising world. According to Forbes, in 2019, the majority of marketers either planned to or used AI in their audience targeting (81%) and in their audience segmentation (80%). And for good reason: AI-supported media allows advertisers to more easily determine whom to talk to, when to talk to them and what to say. Not to…

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The Ultimate Guide to Email A/B Testing


In a world where people are bombarded with countless emails on a regular basis, it’s more important than ever to craft emails with purpose. In 2018, 281 billion emails were sent and that figure is expected to rise to a staggering 347 billion by 2022. These days it’s not enough to assume you know what type of email your audience will want to open —…

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Email Deliverability September 2020 [infographic]


This is the sixth email deliverability test we’ve carried out, and, as with every test, it brought quite a few surprises. If you’d like to make a comparison between this test and the previous one, check out our test from February 2020. For those of you who are coming across our tests for the first time, this is something we started doing back in August…

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Content Marketing 101: What’s in it for Me?


It has probably happened to you. You meet a guy at a conference or party who starts talking about himself, and within 15 seconds, you’re looking for an escape. Guess what! The same thing happens when we send an email about our brilliant products or services. However, we don’t even get 15 seconds–we get approximately […] The post Content Marketing 101: What’s in it for…

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Edit your Related Items Without Leaving the Salesforce Record


Hmm…How can I best describe Salesforce’s Related Items? They show me almost what I need, but not the complete list. The records are almost within reach, but not quite. Related Items show me records related to the record I’m on. Seems like the perfect solution, right? Except the Related Items tab only shows six records for each related object, and I have to click “View…

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How to get more YouTube subscribers: 7 top tips from a top YouTuber


Jump ahead Know your audience Create video content your audience will love Promote your videos and grow your subscribers Create your own definition of success Ali Abdaal never set out to build a huge audience on YouTube. In fact, when Ali uploaded his first vlog in mid-2017, he simply wanted to document his final year at Cambridge—and maybe have some fun along the way. “I…

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How to Get Your Customers to Buy Again with Etsy + AWeber


Did you know that acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one?  That’s because you’ve already done the hard part: you’ve convinced someone of your value. Once they get to experience your product or service for themselves, they don’t need as much convincing to buy a second time. As an Etsy seller, you leave money on…

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