Want to Grow Your Email List? See How This Photographer Grew His List by 300 percent


James Maher is a New York Photographer, a huge Knicks fan, and a lifelong New Yorker who got his driver's license at 30 years old — as any true Manhattanite should. Maher never took the conventional route. His love of photography started with using Photoshop to make fake driver license IDs at the University of Madison with his college roommates.  Over time, he grew his…

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On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Email Deliverability


Email deliverability can feel out of your control, like your emails are hot air balloons being blown whichever way the inbox provider winds blow. However, this isn’t really true. Businesses actually have a lot of control over whether their emails reach the inboxes of their subscribers, but they have to understand the factors that affect deliverability as well as how to track key performance indicators.…

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Loyalty programs help combat the marketer’s customer identity challenge


In a study on identity resolution from Forrester Consulting commissioned by Epsilon, Forrester found that, at best, only half of brands are capable of fundamental identity resolution capabilities, like finding customers across devices, controlling messaging frequency and building a unified customer profile. As marketers struggle to “connect the dots” between the ever-expanding number of devices customers use to connect with their brands, they often overlook…

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YouTube analytics: 6 powerful ways to grow your channel faster


Jump ahead Why you need to be using YouTube Analytics How to access YouTube Analytics Want YouTube insights? Start with the right questions Get the insights you need to grow your audience Special thanks to ConvertKit designer and resident YouTuber Charli for kindly donating her YouTube metrics for this post's screenshots. You can check out her YouTube channel right here! YouTube might have begun life…

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Delivery Versus DeliverABILITY


The email ecosystem is extremely complex, which makes sense. Email is consistently the leading source of ROI for marketers. It couldn’t possibly be so simply as hitting “send” and waiting for the money to roll in. Temple University mocked up a sample email ecosystem to show just how complex email marketing really is: Image via Temple University While this gives you a good sense of…

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How to take control of your creative life


There was nothing in Jessica’s early life pointing to her future as a professional cartoonist; she drew a lot (of horses). But most kids drew. One of the horses Jessica drew as a kid in 1979. “I don't think there was any big neon pointer saying, You're going to be an artist,” she tells me. In high school, she drew an illustration for the school…

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10 Opportunities To Use Marketing Automation Across The Customer Lifecycle


For me, marketing automation is one of the most exciting recent MarTech developments, since it gives so many opportunities to help businesses to deliver more relevant communications to their site visitors and subscribers; which help engage and nurture both prospects and customers. I’m not alone. In a poll of our readers on Smart Insights we’re asking ’What is the most important trend in digital marketing…

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Divining the Future of Email Clients


The recent rumors of Hotmail’s plans to update their email clients and follow Gmail’s lead on tabbed inboxes got me thinking—are we seeing a change in consumer mail clients evolving to better address consumer behaviors, moving away from the idea of a traditional inbox? Email clients are historically slow to evolve, especially in the enterprise world, partly due to no major communication disruptors (apart from…

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Reactivate Your Inactive Subscribers Fast


Do you have a higher number of active subscribers than inactive subscribers? If your inactive list is overflowing, it represents opportunities you can leverage for improving your email marketing results. Read on to find out why not all is lost when your subscribers become inactive. Fact: It’s not uncommon for brands of any size or industry to have email subscribers who aren’t engaging. However, it’s…

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How Email Marketing and Patreon are Keeping the Lights on for Entertainers


Danika Holmes and her husband Jeb Hart are in an acoustic/pop/soul duo, Danika & the Jeb. Because of COVID-19, their spring tour and summer shows have been cancelled. As Holmes explains, “The first time a cancellation came for a show, it was a bummer. The second time it was an inconvenience. And the third-through-30th time, it was a crisis.”  Danika & the Jeb have been…

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Best Email Template Builders


Email marketing has huge potential, but it must be done right. Aside from selecting the best email marketing service, you’ll also need to make sure it comes with professional-looking templates you can adapt to your needs. Or, if not, you’ll need to find a dedicated email template builder like Stripo, BEE or Chamaileon. Why Use An Email Template Builder? Using an email template builder is a…

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Email Innovations Summit 2020: Prioritizing Which Email Innovations to Pursue


You can’t—and shouldn’t—chase every email marketing trend. To help you prioritize which email innovations you should invest in, we surveyed Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s more than 500 digital marketing experts, asking them to rate the current adoption of a range of email marketing technologies and tactics, as well as their predicted impact during 2020. In this presentation, which I gave at the 2020 Email Innovations…

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Webinar on June 25: Understanding the Mailbox Provider Landscape


The mailbox provider landscape continues to be dynamic, with ongoing unannounced changes to email filtering and reputation algorithms. That means ongoing headaches for email marketers. Join Oracle CX Marketing Consulting’s Clea Moore as she talks about the key mailbox providers and recent changes in deliverability filtering and sender reputation calculations. She’ll discuss: The Big Four mailbox providers in US: Google (Gmail.com, Gmail mobile app, Android…

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