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Customer Lifetime Value – Putting a Price on Profit Potential


What Is Customer Lifetime Value? Take a look at your current customers. How well do you understand their value? Do you know how much revenue they produce for you? Do you understand how much it costs you to generate this revenue? And more importantly, are you able to predict these values into the future?  Customer […] The post Customer Lifetime Value – Putting a Price…

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4 Ways to Maximize Double Opt-In Email Confirmations


A double opt-in confirmation process is a valuable tool for protecting your sender reputation and email deliverability, especially when used for offline sign-ups, open sign-up forms, highly incentivized sign-ups, co-registrations, and other instances that tend to generate high bounce and complaint rates. However, many brands hesitate to use it because they feel requiring people to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in their sign-up…

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How to set the right online course price for you and your audience


As a creator, you’ve probably figured out that one of the main streams of income you can create is through building online courses. They’re your way to that sweet, sweet passive income we’ve all been dreaming about. Once you’ve decided you’re ready to roll with your online course and found your audience's main pain point, your next big hurdle to cross before sending your online course…

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Holiday Marketing Quarterly: Second Quarter 2021 Checklist


Oracle’s Holiday Marketing Quarterly gives B2C brands a quarter-by-quarter checklist for how to achieve more during the critical holiday season with their email marketing and other digital marketing channels. Along with guidance on planning, strategy, and prioritization, you’ll get advice and tips from some of Oracle Marketing Consulting’s more than 500 digital marketing experts. Our second quarter checklist is focused on finishing your review of…

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How are marketers actually solving for identity in a cookieless world?


Identity resolution was a major challenge for marketers even before they were confronted with the phase-out of third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs. It’s increasingly important to construct a single, coherent, actionable view of customers across online and offline touchpoints, while understanding the barriers to bringing that vision to life. Take away third-party cookies, and it can make an already-difficult situation seem impossible.

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12 Exceptional Newsletters That Will Change Your Approach to Email Forever


The best email newsletters provide value and captivate subscribers week after week. That's how smart email marketers get their audience to open, click, and share their newsletter again and again. But how do you consistently produce and deliver an engaging newsletter? A little inspiration from the most successful email newsletters can help! The AWeber team is constantly scouring the internet for the top email newsletters…

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Achieving Peace of Mind as an Email Marketer with Monica Hoyer


Hitting the send button is stressful. How can you be certain that you didn’t overlook a typo? Or that your design will display the way you want it to for your entire audience? Email mistakes can happen to everyone — from solopreneurs to massive Fortune 500 companies. And a mistake can cost you tens, hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. The solution? Run email marketing quality…

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How musicians can turn fans into superfans through email marketing


In an era of streaming services and a pandemic that’s pushed touring to the side, monetizing music has never been harder. While it may sound old-fashioned for a rockstar, emails can unlock your income potential. In this episode, we’re speaking to musicians looking to monetize their online presence and turn casual followers into fans and superfans. Learn to stay strategic with your releases, use Instagram…

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The Last Word on March 2021


A roundup of email marketing articles, posts, and tweets you might have missed last month… Must-read articles, posts & reports Is Your C-Suite Equipped to Lead a Digital Transformation? (Harvard Business Review) What Do Website Visitors Want? It’s Not What B2B Brands Are Giving Them (Orbit Media Studios) Introducing the Dark Storefront: A New Way Of Shopping Online (Independent Retailer) Insightful & entertaining tweets This…

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Solving martech: Finding the right email technology platform in a confusing landscape


White Paper | 20 minute read As an email-centric marketing leader, if you’re frustrated with your current marketing technology stack, you certainly aren’t alone. The sheer magnitude of the technology landscape today contributes to this confusion. The technology landscape is crowded with emerging platforms, legacy technology solutions evolving to stay competitive, and new entrants to […] The post Solving martech: Finding the right email technology…

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We’re all invited to the sandbox if we play by Google’s rules


On March 3, Google published its position on user-level identifiers, and some likened it to dropping a bomb on the ad-tech community. Google shared that it does not intend to directly use alternative authenticated user-level identifiers after deprecating third-party cookies. And it considers such identifiers non-viable from a privacy perspective.

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Predicting the Unpredictable: Customer Analytics and Marketing in the Months Ahead


Do you remember where you were at the end of last year’s Q1? Of course you do! The world had just been thrown off-kilter by the global pandemic, and marketing and customer analytics professionals were doing their best to respond, adapt, and (in many cases) pivot to help their organizations survive.   As we shift our […] The post Predicting the Unpredictable: Customer Analytics and Marketing…

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8 Top Brainstorming Techniques to Help You Write Killer Emails


I can’t think of anything to write. Sound familiar? Of course it does. It's one of the top reasons our customers give us for letting their email marketing flatline. They just run out of ideas or topics to write about. Even pro writers come up with major email block. Ann Handley, co-founder of Marketing Profs and the popular book "Everybody Writes," only sent two emails…

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10 common email marketing mistakes


To emoji or not to emoji? Can sending a test email actually harm deliverability? Is my title too vague? Too specific? Email marketing is an artform and mastering it takes more than a quick how-to. But even if you’re a pro at emails, you may be making minor mistakes that can have a major impact on deliverability. In this episode, we’re walking through 10 common…

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