DMA Awards 2022: The Sweet Taste of Marketing Success


It’s always fabulous getting recognized for doing great work. Basking in the glow of appreciation from your boss, colleagues, and industry peers for a job well done makes getting up and going to work each morning a much better experience. When that recognition is conferred at a glittering black-tie event, widely considered the peak of attainment in your market, it’s even sweeter! That’s why Validity

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What is Subscriber Data Management for Email Marketing?


Consumers expect highly personalized experiences when engaging with your brand. If you fail to meet them on their terms, they’ll likely switch to one of your competitors. This means that you must prove you care about your customers as individuals and try to understand their unique needs at every touchpoint—especially when you’re sending them regular marketing emails. Luckily, there’s an abundance of data available to

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O que está acontecendo com o Gmail e os remetentes políticos?


Não importa onde você se encaixe no espectro político: a política e o e-mail podem despertar fortes emoções.  Há anos, os remetentes de e-mail e stakeholders questionam se a entrega na pasta de spam é politicamente tendenciosa ou parcial. Recentemente, um estudo descobriu que o Gmail (assim como o Yahoo e a Microsoft) sinalizava e-mails de políticos republicanos como spam em uma taxa mais alta

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5 Ways Email Marketers Avoid Getting on a Gmail Blocklist


In 2021, Gmail accounted for 36.5 percent of global email opens. As one of the most popular web-based mailbox providers (MBPs) in the world, it’s likely that they’re your go-to for email marketing. So, it stands to reason that the last thing you want is to end up on a Gmail blocklist. What is a blocklist, anyway? A blocklist is a list of IP addresses

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SOS! My Emails Are Bouncing!


Email bounces are among the most dreaded outcomes for email marketers—especially when they’ve previously enjoyed normal delivery rates.   After all, a bounce means subscribers will never get to see the snappy campaigns that take time and effort to create. Plus, any potential revenue those emails might have earned is gone in an instant. To keep your bounce rates healthy, let’s take a look at the

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Data Privacy: The Cost of Getting It Wrong


When Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in May 2018, it established a foundation for a new generation of data privacy laws that afford greater protection to consumers. Core principles such as unambiguous consent, data minimization, limitation of purpose, and the right to object had effectively written established data best practices into law. Since then, GDPR-style privacy legislation has been adopted around the

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Consejos de correo electrónico para prepararse para una temporada alta de ventas sin precedentes


La mayoría de los profesionales de marketing saben que el cuarto trimestre es la temporada en la que se les dice “envíen más correos electrónicos”. Los últimos meses del año son un momento crítico para los profesionales de marketing por correo electrónico. Las marcas dependen en gran medida del canal de correo electrónico para impulsar la interacción del cliente y los ingresos por ventas durante

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12 CRM Metrics Your Team Should Track


Sometimes the old cliches work best: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Measuring performance and adjusting tactics accordingly is critical to spur growth in just about every industry. But with so many data points available to businesses today, choosing what to measure can be overwhelming. This is particularly true when it comes to CRM metrics. When chosen and monitored accurately, customer relationship

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Top Ways to Save Time as an Email Marketer


Email marketers have a lot on their plates these days. Apart from day-to-day responsibilities, marketers are dealing with industry shifts like Apple’s MPP, SMS marketing, record high turnovers, and more. With the busy holiday season just around the corner, email marketers will need to find ways to automate or eliminate the more tedious, time-consuming aspects of their work so they can focus on what matters.

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What is List Hygiene? Plus, 3 Tips to Clean Your Email List


The world of email marketing is ever-changing. But even the most well-oiled digital marketing machine won’t lead you to success if your contact list is full of duds. Or worse, if you’ve been blocklisted with mailbox providers (MBPs) and internet service providers (ISPs). List hygiene is the process of validating your data to ensure you have a clean list of contacts to send campaigns to. 

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Expert Strategies for Email Success in a Post-MPP World


In our previous MPP updates blog, we mentioned that senders who embraced Apple’s changes as an opportunity to innovate have benefitted in the post-MPP email landscape. We spoke with two of these senders in our most recent edition of State of Email Live: Michael Cabral from women’s fashion retailer J.Jill, and Tal Goren from digital gaming business Rank Interactive. Both senders knew MPP would affect

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Dicas de e-mail para se preparar para uma alta temporada de vendas recorde


Os últimos meses do ano são um momento crítico para os profissionais de e-mail marketing. As marcas dependem muito do canal de e-mail para impulsionar o engajamento do cliente e a receita de vendas durante a alta temporada de vendas.  Mas aumentar o volume de envio nem sempre aumenta a receita. Os profissionais de marketing precisam de um plano mais eficaz.  Este ano, o planejamento

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How to Leverage Data Harmonization to Boost Your Sales and Marketing Performance


Your sales and marketing efforts are only as good as your data. Pinning your KPI-driven dreams on tainted or disorganized data is about as useful as trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. Just ask anyone in sales or marketing. For your efforts to truly succeed, you need to make decisions based on what your customers and prospects want and need. But the only way

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Validity presenta soluciones premium de calidad de datos para los usuarios de Salesforce


Las dos últimas propuestas se integran perfectamente en la plataforma Salesforce, lo que permite a los usuarios evaluar y mejorar fácilmente la calidad de los datos del CRM Validity ha anunciado el lanzamiento de DeDuped y DemandTools Free edition, soluciones exclusivas para los usuarios de Salesforce sin coste alguno. La buena calidad de los datos son la base de las empresas eficientes, sin embargo, los datos

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Validity apresenta soluções premium de qualidade de dados para usuários do Salesforce


Os dois últimos lançamentos integram-se perfeitamente à plataforma Salesforce, permitindo que os usuários avaliem e melhorem facilmente a qualidade dos dados do CRM.  A Validity anunciou no Dreamforce 2022 o lançamento das edições DeDuped e DemandTools Free, duas soluções gratuitas e exclusivas para usuários do Salesforce.  Dados de boa qualidade são a base de negócios eficientes, mas os dados continuam a se deteriorar nos sistemas

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Apple’s MPP Revisited: More Pain Points!


Back in September 2021, email senders were coming to terms with the news that the open rate metric—a staple of email marketing reporting—was about to change forever. This was when Apple introduced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), a suite of privacy measures that would automatically download email images (including tracking pixels) regardless of whether the recipient actually opened the email. This caused open rates to skyrocket—but

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3 dicas do que fazer e o que não fazer com conteúdo dinâmico


A caixa de entrada está mais lotada (e competitiva) do que nunca – e à medida em que os volumes de e-mail continuam a disparar, as expectativas dos assinantes estão mudando significativamente.  O público de hoje está carente de experiências altamente personalizadas das marcas que eles amam. Dito isso, os remetentes que confiam em conteúdo de e-mail genérico correm o risco de alienar os seus

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Where to Find Validity at Dreamforce 2022


T-minus one week until the biggest event in the global Salesforce community.   That’s right: Dreamforce is almost here! As a proud sponsor of the event, Validity is shipping off to San Francisco from September 20–22 to share war stories and strategies for success with Trailblazers from all over the world. Like you, we’re ready to geek out over speakers like Magic Johnson, Jane Goodall, and Matthew

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Guia do Iniciante para o Uso de Domínios em E-mail Marketing


Imagine que você está andando pelo corredor de refrigerantes no supermercado. Ao procurar uma bebida saborosa, você vê uma garrafa de refrigerante conhecido na cor marrom com um rótulo de plástico vermelho.  Sem pensar, você para e pega. Bum! Esse é o poder da marca.  A marca de uma empresa é o seu ativo mais valioso. Basta olhar para a Apple, cujo valor da marca

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