Email Service Providers

Email marketers need to understand how mailbox providers (MBPs) work. Do you?


Let’s cut to the chase. Simply put, mailbox providers (MBPs) are the gatekeepers between your email and your subscribers. Using proprietary algorithms, they filter your email into the appropriate place, be it the proper tab, the spam folder, or the inbox in general. Marketers who are serious about their email ROI are also serious about their deliverability, and by using email analytics, you can start…

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Email Experts Series: Understanding ESP Migration


There are so many tools of the trade for email marketers, it’s obvious email service providers (ESPs) would be something of a big topic in the industry. Which ESPs provide which services, do they impact your deliverability, how do you decide which one is right for you? After those questions comes an even harder one: How should I migrate from one ESP to another without…

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