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Get Out of the Haus! How to Get Delisted From Spamhaus


The most dreaded block listings digital marketers face are from Spamhaus. Even the most sophisticated senders can find themselves on Spamhaus’ block lists. To avoid major damage to your email program, it’s important to understand how to prevent a listing and how to react if you’re listed by Spamhaus.  What is Spamhaus?  Spamhaus is an international authority on IP and domain reputation, founded in London…

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4 Surprising Data Points Email Marketers Should See Before Black Friday


As marketing teams prepare for the holiday season, it’s important to consider the lasting impacts of your peak season email sending. Seven years ago, “Black Friday” was a US-specific holiday. Now, we’re seeing several other events take place in the last few months of the year that generate spikes in email volume. These spikes affect senders long after they’ve packed up the decorations—and most don’t…

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