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Get press yourself: How to come up with media-worthy stories to get your business featured in top-tier media


There are three reasons that usually hold people back from getting press and media attention for their business: Most entrepreneurial creators typically think they’re not ready yet for press, so they wait for some mythical “someday” when they are “ready.” They think there’s nothing special or unique about them that they can share with the media. If they’re already thinking about it, they think it’s

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How UGC helps creators grow their email list and sell more products


Your creator business is just like any other business. With the right marketing, you can see a big difference in brand awareness, subscribers, and sales. And one of the strongest strategies for helping your business scale in today’s world is user-generated content (UGC). People love to see proof that your newsletter, products, or services are delivering on your promises. As much as they need your

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How to land sponsorships from major brands as a creator


Joshua Bell is one of the best violinists in the world. But when he was asked to busk in the L’Enfant Plaza Station in Washington, D.C. with his 3.5 million dollar violin, he only collected a measly $32. Thousands of people rushed past the world-renowned violinist, but only 20 people (roughly) tossed a bit of change into his violin case. As it turns out, context

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How to leverage testimonials/case studies to build trust and authority


It’s tough to find credible information on the internet. From false news reports to fake reviews, misinformation is rife. Unfortunately, this causes a lack of trust that can impact your work and audience as a creator. If you want to build credibility in your expertise with your intended audience, you’ll need more than the average blog post, ebook, or other types of content. You’ll need

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How to create a landing page in the next 10 minutes


Creating landing pages is the digital equivalent of flipping your “open” sign on. The moment you launch, you’ve opened the door for people to come in and have a look around. These standalone pages are essential for creators since they’re where you’ll gain new email subscribers. Just because they’re important doesn’t mean they should take a long time to create, though. In fact, we have

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How to predict the future of the creator economy


Who was the first creator? It’s popular opinion to say Justin Hall, an undergrad who created the first blog. He called it his personal homepage and used it to share HTML examples. Today, there are 2+ million professional creators. They're making content for niches spanning shark conservation to experiencing a $21,000 flight. The creator economy has changed a lot over the past few decades. It’s

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The gender pay gap in the creator economy: what can we do?


It’s a known (yet unfortunate) fact that women earn less than men in the workplace. But many creators don’t realize a gender wage gap exists in the creator economy. Despite women setting their own rates and naming their own prices, they’re still earning less than men. What does the creator economy wage gap look like? Women outnumber men 2:1 in the creator economy but still

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Preparing for the end of third-party cookies as a creator


There are two types of creators. Those who anxiously search everything they can about the death of third-party cookies. And those who aren’t quite sure what third-party cookies are and why they matter in the first place. Whichever camp you’re in, one thing’s certain: you can’t ignore the death of third-party cookies, and eventually, your marketing strategy will need to shift (and that’s not a

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Scaling secrets: how to use influencer marketing to increase sales and reach


You fought tooth and nail to ‘make it’ as a creator. You overcame the initial challenge of getting your biz off the ground, but now you face a new dilemma: scaling. Ask anyone how to scale a business, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Some swear by paid ads, others suggest investing in SEO. And while there are many ways to scale, one particular…

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3 ways to use content marketing to fuel your lead generation


How big is your email list? If you’re like most creators, the answer is “not big enough.” Effective lead generation is a constant uphill battle to expand your community and reach. Whether you have an email list of one hundred or one hundred thousand, there’s always more you can do to increase the size of your email list—and in turn, increase your impact (and sales.)…

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Six ways creators are monetizing beyond content creation


Opportunity cost is notoriously difficult to nail down. The problem is that missed opportunities are invisible: you don’t see what you’re missing until you’ve set up systems to tap it. No one ever knocks on your door, hands you a check, and says, “Here you go! Here’s the money you should have been earning for the past five years.” Yet if you’re a creator with…

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How to choose the right medium as a creator


If you’re a full-time creator—or you’re rocking a creative side hustle—you know how overwhelming it can be. With so many creators out there and so many channels to spend time and money on, where do you even begin? Do you invest in your dream podcast series? Or do you create a YouTube channel that you share on Instagram and Twitter? How do you even know…

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The impact of Twitch on the creator economy


Nowadays, live streaming platforms abound. But once upon a time, there was only one, and that was Twitch. Launched in 2011 as a platform for gamers to stream their games live for other people to watch in real-time, Twitch has gradually expanded its reach since then. While gaming is still their main focus, creator communities centered around art, music, and talk-based shows have developed as…

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6 ways for creators to monetize their content in 2021 (and beyond)


The creator economy is booming. More people indicate they want to be creators these days than ever before. As of 2021, there are around 50 million people working in a creator capacity—as musicians, artists, freelancers, podcasters, photographers, chefs, athletes… the list goes on and on. In fact, more young people want to be YouTubers than astronauts! It’s profitable, too: The creator economy is estimated to…

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Is your podcast helping you grow your business? Here’s how to find out


Your podcast downloads are climbing up and up every week, and you just landed a dream guest. It feels like your podcast is growing—and that’s a wonderful feeling. Do you know what’s really making all the difference, though? Could you pinpoint what percent of customers converted because of your podcast? Are you aware of which promotional channels are bringing in the most listeners? If you…

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10 strategies to use YouTube and TikTok to build your online presence


Video is the #1 type of content consumed today. At the rate we’re going, we’ll see more than one billion videos uploaded every second by 2022. But when I say “video,” so many creators tell me, “Oh, I don’t do video. I’m not funny.” I totally get it. But in order to be successful today as a creator, you have to prioritize channels like YouTube,…

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7 core ways to promote affiliate links (and actually make profit)


Affiliate marketing doesn’t require an investment (like an ecommerce business), overhead (like ecommerce and digital products), or even needing a team to fulfill orders. All you need to do is talk about the products you already use and love. The company you’re promoting does the rest. That’s why affiliate marketing is such a popular business model for creators. When Business Insider interviewed personal finance YouTuber…

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The hardest part of launching a book isn’t the writing—it’s the marketing


You’ve done the hard part: Writing a book. But the work isn’t over yet. Whether you’re self-publishing, working with an indie publisher, or have a major house behind you, traditional book launches involve lots of in-person events, like bookstore tours, conferences, and throwing a big party (or two or three). Yes, even after all of those rounds of editing, agonizing over beta reader feedback, worrying…

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Why top self publishers choose print on demand books


Once you’ve written and finalized your book, there’s a big question to answer… How are you going to deliver your book to your audience? I’ll admit this part isn’t typically as fun as writing your book, but it’s just as important because there’s no book if it can’t find its way into the hands of your readers. We talked a lot about available shipping options…

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How to create a landing page in the next 10 minutes


Jump ahead Landing page best practices How to build a landing page quickly and easily Make your idea internet official with ConvertKit Creating landing pages is the digital equivalent of flipping your “open” sign on. The moment you launch, you’ve opened the door for people to come in and have a look around. These standalone pages are essential for creators since they’re where you’ll gain…

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