How sponsorship coach Justin Moore had a $40K course launch with ConvertKit


Justin Moore is on a mission: help creators big and small land a million sponsorships by 2032. It’s a bold goal, but not an impossible one. Justin has been a full-time creator with his wife for a decade, with 1.5 million followers across all platforms. He’s run an influencer marketing agency for six years. In other words, he has deep insights on both sides of…

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How to launch an online course with ConvertKit (step-by-step)


You’re ready to launch your online course and you know it’s a good one that will help your students get results. But there’s only one problem: the tech setup intimidates you. Learning the ins and outs of a course platform, sending emails to customers, building a sales page—it feels like so much can go wrong. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. As long as…

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Which online course platform is right for you?


Having a lot of options isn’t always a good thing. It can lead to analysis paralysis—the fear of taking action because you don’t know the right action to take. Online course creators know this feeling far too well. One quick search of “course platforms” shows a dozen options that are all slightly different from the other. Do you want to create a simple course or…

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How to set the right online course price for you and your audience


As a creator, you’ve probably figured out that one of the main streams of income you can create is through building online courses. They’re your way to that sweet, sweet passive income we’ve all been dreaming about. Once you’ve decided you’re ready to roll with your online course and found your audience's main pain point, your next big hurdle to cross before sending your online course…

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