Customer Stories

How ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan changed these creators’ businesses (and how it will change yours)


There are a lot of things that make up a professional creator. They have a wide range of content types and offers. They know that consistent, dedicated, and strategic audience building is the way to go. They’re no stranger to experiments, and they’re often ready to launch things into the world before they’re fully complete. Full-time creators also consider email marketing an essential channel to

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Creator Q&A: Making big moves with artist Shelby Abrahamsen


You might have read how artist and entrepreneur Shelby Abrahamsen grew her email list to 60k subscribers or what it took for her to make irresponsible art, but recently she's made some big pivots to her business. Biggest detour or pivot your business has taken since you first started When I first began blogging, I was exclusively creating content about bullet journaling. After five or

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10 powerful ConvertKit features that Mailchimp users will love


Matt Molen from Email Crush has helped hundreds of creators move from Mailchimp to ConvertKit. In this article, he shares 10 features that former Mailchimp users love about ConvertKit when they switch. In 2017, I switched to ConvertKit after years of using Mailchimp. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of creators get a fresh start by switching their email campaigns and other marketing initiatives to ConvertKit.

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“You saved my goats’ lives.”


A story about dying goats, diving in when you have no idea what you’re doing, and why no niche is too small if it’s helping someone else. Photography by Jessica Worland. The goats were dying. And Deborah had no idea why. She was heartbroken every time she stepped out for a morning feeding on her homestead – 32 acres “in the middle of nowhere” in…

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“I want them to know I was here.”


A story about chronic illness, trauma, and a conference that changed everything. Photography by Rachel Renee Photographie Co. I’m freezing. I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring a warmer jacket to the Oregon coast in October. I blame it on my having only ever lived in sunny places – Florida and California. But now I’m on the beach in Florence, Oregon, getting pelted…

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“What do I want to say?”


A story about how to make a living as an artist, create work that resonates, and reach for ‘impossible’ dreams. My first email address was Dave Barnes laughs when I tell him; he’s familiar with email addresses like that because he’s been collecting ones just like it for 20 years. His first email list came by way of clipboards in the back of music…

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“I wanted to be happy now. Not two years from now.”


A story about taking chances, struggling with self-doubt, and how one lawyer-turned-full-time-food-blogger didn’t let that (or the haters) stop her. Tanya Harris lights up when talking about writing her first blog post about getting the fishy taste out of catfish: “I really enjoyed it. I don't think anyone read it, but I loved the feeling of creating something. It was fun.’” Fun. No one talks…

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