Email Marketing

How fabric designer Bonnie Christine doubled her email list 5 years running and created a million-dollar business


Fabric designer Bonnie Christine never guessed that she would be running a million-dollar business someday. “I was crafty growing up. I loved to draw, but I wouldn't have considered myself an artist at the time,” she says. “I made enough progress for me to see it actually happening, and that definitely kept me going.” Bonnie Christine showing off one of her designs. Image via Bonnie…

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5 strategies to turn your Instagram audience into email subscribers


There’s a big problem with the Instagram audience you’ve worked so hard to build. You don’t own it. Instagram’s complex algorithm decides how many of your followers get to see your content—not you. Studies peg global reach on Instagram at only 34.37%—that means if you have 10,000 followers, only a third of them will even see your content. Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, or writer,…

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The essential guide to email segmentation


How many times do you go to your inbox only to find that you hold no interest in most of the emails you open? Even if they’re sent from brands and creators you admire and often buy from, their marketing efforts have completely missed the mark and they’re just hitting you with everything they’ve got. You’re so over hearing from them. You’re not invested. You…

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Writer David Perell’s approach to getting thousands of new email subscribers


Building an email list from scratch can feel like a near impossible task. Everyone who’s done it knows—the struggle is real. Staying motivated and consistent when you only have a few subscribers can feel daunting and unrewarding. That’s one of the top reasons why many creators give up at this stage. Not everyone, though. We spoke with David Perell, a writer with more than 43,000…

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The ultimate list of email marketing statistics for creators in 2021


Jump ahead Chapter #1: General email marketing statistics for creators Chapter #2: Subject lines and open rates Chapter #3: Engagement and click rates Chapter #4: Email volume and list growth Chapter #5: Segmentation and personalization Chapter #6: Deliverability and spam Chapter #7: Measurement and ROI There’s never been a better time to be a creator. 2021 is full of opportunities for budding podcasters, artists, freelancers,…

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4 essential email marketing automation examples to sell more digital products


Jump ahead What is email automation? How email automation helps sell digital products The 4 email automation types your need to sell digital products Successful email automation examples How to create email automations in ConvertKit Start building your digital product empire with email automations Somewhere along every creative entrepreneur’s journey, there comes a point when trading your time for money no longer feels sustainable. It’s…

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The complete guide to email drip campaigns


Jump ahead What is an email drip campaign Why creators should use email drip campaigns Types of email drip campaigns How to set up an email drip campaign in ConvertKit Chances are that somewhere along your creative business journey, someone told you to start an email list. Maybe they said: “It’s the best way to do marketing–way better than social media!” So you started an…

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How to write an email: 9 email copywriting best practices for engaging email newsletters


Jump ahead How to write an email with these five core elements Email copywriting best practices How to create an email newsletter in ConvertKit Want to try using ConvertKit to send your email content?   Our inboxes are overflowing with offers, promotions and email newsletters. The average American worker sends and receives 126 emails per day. As a creator, it’s your job to write an…

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5 simple tips to design email newsletters that generate clicks and conversions


Jump ahead The purpose of email newsletters 5 email newsletter design tips Other tips for successful email newsletters Ready to up your newsletter design game? How many emails are you subscribed to right now? Too many to remember? I hear you. Eventually, all of those emails become a blur, but if you want your own newsletter to stand out among the rest, you’ll need to…

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3 Powerful Ways to Build an Email List Without a Website


How to build an email list without a website Kickstart your list with a killer landing page Attract subscribers with a giveaway Leverage other peoples' audiences as a podcast guest Tell me if this sounds familiar. You have the perfect idea for a new product or service. Scrambling for a notepad, you jot down some thoughts. The pain points you're solving. A profile of your…

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How to Connect Your Landing Page to Your Sales Funnel


Every good sales pitch starts with a ______. How would you fill in the blank? If you said “an effective product” or “a helpful service,” you’d be right about what a sales pitch should ultimately end with, but you should begin that pitch with a landing page. Landing pages allow you to dedicate your headline, description copy, imagery, and call-to-action to one specific offer. The…

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How to Create an Online Quiz for Your Lead Magnet


Table of Contents Key benefits of lead magnet quizzes Lead magnet quiz types How to create an online quiz 3 lead magnet quiz tools Connect your lead magnet quiz to your ConvertKit sequence It’s cool when you hear content creators talk about how they doubled or tripled their email list, but you never really expect it to happen to you. You also don’t expect it…

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4 Essential Landing Page Elements


Table of Contents Why use landing pages Inside the anatomy of a good landing page Optional landing page elements Build your own free landing page with ConvertKit Every marketer seems to be talking about the importance of building an email list, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. For us, it’s pretty simple- the easiest way to start growing your list is to…

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