Creativity feedback loops (and their impact on mental health)


Raise your hand if you feel like you’re burned out. Yeah, me too. Burnout, as defined by the WHO, is when chronic workplace and occupational stress leads to energy depletion and exhaustion, negativity, and reduced productivity. But when you’re a full-time creator (or side hustling hard), there is no separation between your life and your occupation. There is no vacation or sick time to fall…

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Prepping your creative biz for Cyber Monday in 2021


As a Canadian, I watched the nightly news with envy as my neighbors to the south hauled $100 flatscreen TVs into their cars every Black Friday. To add salt to my wounds, Cyber Monday followed—another reminder of all the magical savings I was missing. Luckily these days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are globally recognized, and everyone can take part in the shopping frenzy. And…

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How artist Jaime Barks spends weeks in the backcountry—and still runs her business


If you had told artist Jaime Barks back in 2020 that 2021 would be her best year ever as an artist, she would have laughed. The outdoor-inspired painter from Chattanooga, TN used nature as her escape and inspiration during lockdown, slowly pivoting from in-person events and sales to an online gallery, sending a regular newsletter, and managing an ecommerce site. Painter Jaime Barks spends as…

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