How to use email metrics to eliminate guesswork and unlock more growth and revenue


When was the last time you got excited to analyze your email metrics? Can’t quite remember? We understand. Email metrics aren’t exactly sexy. But there’s no denying how powerful they are. Metrics let you peek under the hood to see what’s really going on with your email marketing. They give you powerful insights into what your subscribers love, figure out what they want more of

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The gender pay gap in the creator economy: what can we do?


It’s a known (yet unfortunate) fact that women earn less than men in the workplace. But many creators don’t realize a gender wage gap exists in the creator economy. Despite women setting their own rates and naming their own prices, they’re still earning less than men. What does the creator economy wage gap look like? Women outnumber men 2:1 in the creator economy but still

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How to create, send, and use surveys to grow your creator business


Real talk: intuition is not a solid business strategy. While there is something to be said about creative instinct and passion, you alone can’t steer your business ship into the harbor of success. Getting input from your audience is an invaluable gauge of where you’ve been and where you need to go next. Surveys are a great way to learn from your audience, and this…

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YouTube analytics: 6 powerful ways to grow your channel faster


Jump ahead Why you need to be using YouTube Analytics How to access YouTube Analytics Want YouTube insights? Start with the right questions Get the insights you need to grow your audience Special thanks to ConvertKit designer and resident YouTuber Charli for kindly donating her YouTube metrics for this post's screenshots. You can check out her YouTube channel right here! YouTube might have begun life…

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