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How I hit my $10k monthly revenue goal with less than 2k subscribers and ConvertKit


Sometimes as entrepreneurs and creators, we’re much closer to our goals than we think. We’re told to grow, grow, grow, but too often in my experience time spent pursuing growth is time missed elsewhere. Here’s the thing: instead of spending so much time focusing on growing your newsletter list, you can build a six-figure business from the list you already have. For more than a

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The summer slump: 8 ways to navigate your business during seasonal lows


People are trading in business suits for swimsuits and browser tabs for bar tabs. It can only mean one thing: summer is here and people are unplugging for the foreseeable future. Most people rejoice when summer rolls around. But as a creator, you might have mixed feelings… Happy to finally get some time off. Anxious that sales are low. Excited for summer to end and

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The ConvertKit Sponsor Network


The ConvertKit Sponsor Network is our newest service that will be an extension of your creator business, helping you source, negotiate, and manage sponsorship deals to help you grow your revenue without doing more work or additional hiring. When creators sell digital products, offer coaching or courses, or write a paid newsletter, they are earning a living online. But did you know that these sorts

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How creators launch successful 6-figure memberships


Building a membership into your creator business can be a lucrative add-on to help you grow and scale. With memberships, you get access to recurring revenue (unlike selling products one time). That’s what makes memberships such a great business model for creators—they can encourage predictability in your business that, let’s be honest, sometimes feels like it’s built on water. Ride the waves of your creator…

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3 ways to use content marketing to fuel your lead generation


How big is your email list? If you’re like most creators, the answer is “not big enough.” Effective lead generation is a constant uphill battle to expand your community and reach. Whether you have an email list of one hundred or one hundred thousand, there’s always more you can do to increase the size of your email list—and in turn, increase your impact (and sales.)…

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Why you don’t need more clients, you need ideal clients


More, more, more. That’s what we’re used to thinking about with business: more followers, more subscribers, more sales, more revenue. But it’s quality, not quantity, that will actually help your business grow. You’ve probably heard of the concept of “niching down”—specializing in a product or service rather than trying to do all the things—and that concept also extends to your customers. Instead of being everything…

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11 digital recurring subscription ideas creators can start today


Most creators are familiar with the feast and famine cycle. Some months are great—your digital products fly off the cyber shelves, and your schedule is packed with projects. But other months, you struggle to find work, and sales trickle in. The entrepreneur-roller-coaster isn’t quite as fun as the ones at your local fair… For a smoother ride, you need a way to develop consistent income.…

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How to launch an online course with ConvertKit (step-by-step)


You’re ready to launch your online course and you know it’s a good one that will help your students get results. But there’s only one problem: the tech setup intimidates you. Learning the ins and outs of a course platform, sending emails to customers, building a sales page—it feels like so much can go wrong. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. As long as…

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6 ways for creators to monetize their content in 2021 (and beyond)


The creator economy is booming. More people indicate they want to be creators these days than ever before. As of 2021, there are around 50 million people working in a creator capacity—as musicians, artists, freelancers, podcasters, photographers, chefs, athletes… the list goes on and on. In fact, more young people want to be YouTubers than astronauts! It’s profitable, too: The creator economy is estimated to…

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How Elizabeth McCravy made over $60k in sales with a personality quiz


Disclosure: This case study mentions Interact. Interact is an integration partner with ConvertKit. Who else remembers taking Seventeen magazine quizzes with your best friends? Talk about nostalgia. Looking back, you might gawk at how cheesy these quizzes were. “What’s your perfect pet?” quiz. Image via Pinterest.But the reality is, personality tests have come a long way. Quizzes aren’t just for finding out your perfect pet.…

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Paid newsletter best practices: Tried-and-tested tips from successful operators


One thousand people. That’s all you need, according to the concept of 1,000 true fans (courtesy of Kevin Kelly). The idea is simple: rather than focus on building an empire of millions of semi-enthusiastic fans, you only need to find a core of super-enthusiastic fans. A more profound connection with fewer people can be worth just much as a superficial connection with millions. 1,000 true…

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3 ways creators can use personalized email to grow their business


Imagine you walk to your mailbox on a random Tuesday and pull out an envelope. You open it up to reveal a birthday card addressed to you from an old friend. It’s a lovely sentiment, but there’s just one problem—it isn’t your birthday. Now imagine the birthday card did arrive on your birthday. That feels pretty special, right? A message is received much better when…

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How to create a timeline for a successful product launch


Posting a link to your social channels and crossing your fingers that sales pour in is not the product launch you deserve. After all the work you put into creating your incredible product, you need a proper marketing plan. Enter our product launch timeline. We’ll teach you how to launch your product to get more customers and sales, even if you don’t have a big…

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Paid newsletter pricing 101: How to make the most from your content


In theory, starting a paid newsletter is easy. In half an hour, you can create a newsletter from scratch and begin collecting email addresses. But before the rubber really hits the road, there are a few decisions you need to make: you’ll need a topic, a name, and a promotion plan. Oh yeah, and there’s the tricky little detail of how much to charge. Like…

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The power of a niche: How Monica Lent built a thriving paid community for developers


“Niche down. Get super specific with your audience.” In your quest to become a successful creator, you’ve probably come across this popular tip—and you’re far from alone in this. Sure, the suggestion to focus on a niche audience is a great one, but it often doesn’t help you take that from theory to practice. You’re left wondering: How specific is specific enough? Is there a…

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60+ unique digital product ideas for every niche


Jump ahead Digital product ideas to sell online Photography and videography Educational resources Templates Design Recordings Tech What digital product will you sell?   Picture this: you wake up in the morning and have a million items to check off your to-do list. Client work, content creation, product development, accounting, inbox management…you get the idea. If you’re like most creators, the above situation isn’t difficult…

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11 Outstanding product landing page examples that convert


Jump ahead What is a product landing page? How do product landing pages differ from lead generation landing pages? What types of products can you sell with a product landing page? 5 essential elements every product landing page should include Here's the dirty truth: even seasoned entrepreneurs and online creators sometimes find designing product landing pages to be a nightmare. There are tons of case…

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