Music marketing

How musicians use TikTok to grow their fanbase


Would Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” have become the number one most streamed song of 2021 if it hadn’t been for TikTok? “Drivers License” took over TikTok for months after its release, sparking a trend from musicians to write new lyrics and make TikToks based on different perspectives like: Her ex-boyfriend Olivia’s mom The person driving behind her TikTok loved it. Using TikTok, musicians can share…

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How to raise money for your next album


Even though it’s easier than ever to get professional-sounding recordings from the comfort of your own home, most musicians still prefer to record their full-length albums in professional studios. There are a few reasons for that. For one, a professional studio is a neutral space designed to foster creativity. They also often have access to tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional microphones, rack-mount…

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Why every musician needs email marketing


Like using MIDI, ABBA, and 2000s pop stars, email marketing is cool again. You might have noticed that the past few years have been full of musical comebacks. MIDI made its way back to the mainstream after decades of being associated with elevator music, ABBA released a stellar comeback album, and Natasha Bedingfield has a hit on TikTok with her 2000s banger “Unwritten.” Let’s be…

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The realities of trying to make it in music


In a country obsessed with money, fame, and overnight success, building a sustainable career as a musician can be a huge challenge. Banking on becoming an overnight sensation in a world as saturated with content as ours is a risky move. But without immediate profit, music-making can quickly turn into a money pit. So how do you reach your goal of being a musician without…

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How musicians can have their best album release with email automation


You’re more comfortable with chords than campaigns—but for indie artists, music and marketing go hand-in-hand. But building your newsletter merely scratches the surface of all the different ways you can use email marketing to find new fans, sell more albums, and connect with your audience. Musicians who want to grow their fanbase without cutting into essential creative work time can turn to automated emails to…

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Why musicians should think of themselves as entrepreneurs


If you watch Shark Tank, you’ve probably seen main “shark” Kevin O’Leary tell guests that if you’re three years into a business and you haven’t made any money, “It’s a hobby, not a business.” Music isn’t much different: for most musicians, it’s a hobby but not a business. Thus the joke about a musician being someone who loads $5,000 of gear into a $500 car…

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Teaching music online is a great way for musicians to make money


We've all heard the (frankly, rude) adage, “those who can't do, teach.” The truth is, a lot of widely successful and capable musicians feel compelled to share their skillset with the next generation of musicians. We think that should be applauded—not ridiculed nor diminished. Teaching lessons is a fantastic way for musicians to fill time—and earn extra revenue—between other gigs, or can be a fulfilling…

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An indie artist’s essential guide to Spotify


Getting your music on Spotify is a rite of passage for musicians in the modern era. And that's not a bad thing. Music distribution used to be a difficult task, but now all you need for your music to be accessible to the masses is a decent internet connection and a DistroKid subscription. But it's not enough to simply put your music on Spotify and…

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How to build your first home recording studio on a budget


It used to be that you had to know someone who knows someone to get professional-sounding recordings of your music. Maybe you were like Queen and lucked into testing out a new studio's equipment. Or perhaps your cousin recorded church choirs a la That Thing You Do. Thankfully, computers have democratized the recording process. Now, you can record GRAMMY-worthy tracks from the comfort of your…

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Make your first impression count with a remarkable musician bio


If you're here, you probably already know that having a solid musician bio is incredibly important. It is! It's how a lot of people get to know you before (for example, journalists who are sent your electronic press kit) or directly after first hearing your music. Writing a musician bio for yourself sounds like the easiest thing in the world—that is, until you sit down…

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10 ways musicians are making money online in 2021


When touring came to a sudden halt in 2020, musicians found themselves in a bind. Ticket sales from tours and playing live shows—one of the biggest revenue streams artists have in the modern music industry—nosedived almost overnight. So, with live performances off the table, how can bands make money from music? The answer is focused around online income streams. And, even as live music returns…

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Here’s how to get your music featured on Spotify playlists in 2021


To say the streaming service Spotify changed the music industry is an understatement. Spotify, with its 356 million users, essentially ended the dreaded peer-to-peer sharing that decimated the music business in the late '90s. It has also given musicians new ways to promote their music—most notably through Spotify playlists. When you consider the enormous promotional potential of Spotify playlists, it should be obvious that landing…

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Every musician needs an EPK—here’s how to build one for free


Press kits have been an important element of a band's promotion since the beginning of the modern music industry. Originally, bands would hire publicists who would spend a lot of time (and a lot of postage) building physical press kits that they'd send to magazines, radio stations, TV networks, promoters, and more to showcase their artists. These days technology has changed, and press kits have…

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The 80/20 Rule: How one band uses ConvertKit to reach more fans


Ryan Baustert, like most musicians, didn’t think about the business side of music when he first started booking gigs with his band Throw the Fight. They got their start back in 2003, playing in small clubs, house parties, and bars in the Wisconsin and Minneapolis area. 18 years later, they’ve sold 40,000 albums, have over 265,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, over 23,000 YouTube subscribers, and…

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25+ direct-to-fan marketing tools for indie musicians


As a former singer myself, I know firsthand how easy it is to get absorbed into your music and put things like marketing on the backburner. “I’ll deal with it later”, you say… “I’m a musician, not a marketer.” But I’m here to tell you that music and marketing aren’t mutually exclusive—you can be good at both! And if you want a thriving career as…

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