How business consultant Terry Rice used Creator Pro to build a better email newsletter


Business consultant Terry Rice had one of those lightbulb moments eight weeks ago about his email list. Normally, when someone asks him about his audience, Terry says, “I’m a business consultant, which normally involves helping entrepreneurs build their brand and revenue.” After weeks of emails with lackluster response rates and few clicks, he knew something wasn’t right. “I realized I wouldn’t read my own newsletter

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How these 5 creators use newsletter referrals to grow their business


Your newsletter is the gateway to growing your creator business. As your subscriber count grows, you can make more money from your paid newsletter, charge sponsors, and sell a higher number of your products or services. But as a solopreneur, it’s challenging to grow your newsletter and run the rest of the show. You only have so much time in the day. That’s where newsletter

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How writer Chris Craft uses ConvertKit to build his weekly newsletter


Your weekly newsletter is a staple for your marketing efforts. But how many weeks do you sit down, stare at a blank document, and wonder what to say? Coming up with a consistent cadence of content week after week can feel daunting, to say the least. That’s exactly what writer and musician Chris Craft hopes to help with through InspireFirst, his website and blog dedicated…

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How this creator grew his email list to 1000+ subscribers after switching from Substack to ConvertKit


From one single idea, Creator Dylan Redekop started his entrepreneurship-focused newsletter, Growth Currency. “I didn’t have a brand or anything,” he says. “I wanted to start writing online and sharing what I knew, things like tools, products, and resources to help other creators like me on a similar path, so I started a Substack newsletter.” Since January 2021, he’s published a weekly, editorial-driven newsletter focused…

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Referral rewards that motivate subscribers to grow your list for you


The easiest way to grow your email list is hidden in plain sight: get subscribers to do the work for you. Referral reward programs—where you reward subscribers for referring people to your newsletter—make it simple for creators to scale their lists, reach more people, and make more sales. Take Brennan Dunn of Create & Sell, who boosted his list growth by 9.9% through his referral…

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The secret to faster newsletter growth? It’s already in your list


You’re doing everything you know to grow your email list and make your business more profitable. And it’s working! But it’s beginning to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to put in more work to gain subscribers. The problem is there’s only one of you. You can advocate all you want for your content, but your reach might be limited. That is,…

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How Marissa Lovell uses ConvertKit to grow her thriving local newsletter in Boise


When I first got in touch with Marissa Lovell over Zoom, she answered from her car, hastily admitting she was juggling managing the latest in a series of summer concerts that night in Boise, Idaho. It was the perfect introduction to the voice behind one of Boise’s most popular local newsletters, From Boise. “I’m the kind of person that just likes to talk to people…

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Paid newsletter best practices: Tried-and-tested tips from successful operators


One thousand people. That’s all you need, according to the concept of 1,000 true fans (courtesy of Kevin Kelly). The idea is simple: rather than focus on building an empire of millions of semi-enthusiastic fans, you only need to find a core of super-enthusiastic fans. A more profound connection with fewer people can be worth just much as a superficial connection with millions. 1,000 true…

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Paid newsletter pricing 101: How to make the most from your content


In theory, starting a paid newsletter is easy. In half an hour, you can create a newsletter from scratch and begin collecting email addresses. But before the rubber really hits the road, there are a few decisions you need to make: you’ll need a topic, a name, and a promotion plan. Oh yeah, and there’s the tricky little detail of how much to charge. Like…

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Shut it down or stick it out: How to tell when it’s time to quit your newsletter


Being a creator is an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes it’s a kiddie coaster with small lulls and turns. Other times, it’s a Kingda Ka that sends you soaring into the pits of despair and the peaks of delight. Ideally, this all evens out over time into a general upward trend—but it’s hard to tell where you’re at when you’re busy holding onto your seat. So…

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9 creative newsletter promotion ideas to beat your subscriber goals in 2021


Here’s a fun fact: The number of email users worldwide passed 4.03 billion people in 2021. Yes, billion—more than half the world population. And even though some social networks are growing at a pedal-to-the-floor pace, the truth is: email is still the best way to distribute content to your audience. However, earning your spot in an already crowded inbox is no easy task. If you’re…

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A daily dose of Stoicism: How author Ryan Holiday doubled his email list one newsletter at a time


What do Marcus Aurelius, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and General James Mattis have in common? Their leadership style comes back to a 2,000-year-old philosophy: Stoicism. Modern day definitions often pin stoicism as emotionless or boring, but the tenets of the philosophy come down to four values: courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. Stoicism boils down to a singular idea: we don’t always control what happens to…

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The power of a niche: How Monica Lent built a thriving paid community for developers


“Niche down. Get super specific with your audience.” In your quest to become a successful creator, you’ve probably come across this popular tip—and you’re far from alone in this. Sure, the suggestion to focus on a niche audience is a great one, but it often doesn’t help you take that from theory to practice. You’re left wondering: How specific is specific enough? Is there a…

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7 ways to get over writer’s block


It can strike at random. One day you’re free-flowing with inspiration and the next you wake up and BAM! Brick wall. You stare at your computer screen for hours and nothing happens. Where did all your creativity go? What happened to those poetic paragraphs that effortlessly typed their way from your brain to your computer screen yesterday? They’re gone, and you feel helpless. Writer’s block…

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Should writers sell more than one product?


Casey Newton has been a reporter and writer for 20 years, and he jumped ship from traditional media last year. It wasn’t an overnight decision. In fact, the paid newsletter platform Substack approached him in 2019 to join their ranks. He was a writer at The Verge at the time and decided to stick with his position. Then 2020 happened. Casey shared with OneZero that…

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How to create a newsletter in under 30 minutes


Jump ahead What’s the point of creating a newsletter? Why you need to create a newsletter How to start a newsletter and craft your first one Writing your first ConvertKit newsletter   No one likes looking at a blank screen. Especially when that blank screen comes complete with a blinking cursor, that universal symbol that says you need to write something. In fact, a blank…

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