Paid newsletter best practices: Tried-and-tested tips from successful operators


One thousand people. That’s all you need, according to the concept of 1,000 true fans (courtesy of Kevin Kelly). The idea is simple: rather than focus on building an empire of millions of semi-enthusiastic fans, you only need to find a core of super-enthusiastic fans. A more profound connection with fewer people can be worth just much as a superficial connection with millions. 1,000 true…

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Paid newsletter pricing 101: How to make the most from your content


In theory, starting a paid newsletter is easy. In half an hour, you can create a newsletter from scratch and begin collecting email addresses. But before the rubber really hits the road, there are a few decisions you need to make: you’ll need a topic, a name, and a promotion plan. Oh yeah, and there’s the tricky little detail of how much to charge. Like…

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Shut it down or stick it out: How to tell when it’s time to quit your newsletter


Being a creator is an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes it’s a kiddie coaster with small lulls and turns. Other times, it’s a Kingda Ka that sends you soaring into the pits of despair and the peaks of delight. Ideally, this all evens out over time into a general upward trend—but it’s hard to tell where you’re at when you’re busy holding onto your seat. So…

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9 creative newsletter promotion ideas to beat your subscriber goals in 2021


Here’s a fun fact: The number of email users worldwide passed 4.03 billion people in 2021. Yes, billion—more than half the world population. And even though some social networks are growing at a pedal-to-the-floor pace, the truth is: email is still the best way to distribute content to your audience. However, earning your spot in an already crowded inbox is no easy task. If you’re…

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A daily dose of Stoicism: How author Ryan Holiday doubled his email list one newsletter at a time


What do Marcus Aurelius, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and General James Mattis have in common? Their leadership style comes back to a 2,000-year-old philosophy: Stoicism. Modern day definitions often pin stoicism as emotionless or boring, but the tenets of the philosophy come down to four values: courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. Stoicism boils down to a singular idea: we don’t always control what happens to…

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The power of a niche: How Monica Lent built a thriving paid community for developers


“Niche down. Get super specific with your audience.” In your quest to become a successful creator, you’ve probably come across this popular tip—and you’re far from alone in this. Sure, the suggestion to focus on a niche audience is a great one, but it often doesn’t help you take that from theory to practice. You’re left wondering: How specific is specific enough? Is there a…

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7 ways to get over writer’s block


It can strike at random. One day you’re free-flowing with inspiration and the next you wake up and BAM! Brick wall. You stare at your computer screen for hours and nothing happens. Where did all your creativity go? What happened to those poetic paragraphs that effortlessly typed their way from your brain to your computer screen yesterday? They’re gone, and you feel helpless. Writer’s block…

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Should writers sell more than one product?


Casey Newton has been a reporter and writer for 20 years, and he jumped ship from traditional media last year. It wasn’t an overnight decision. In fact, the paid newsletter platform Substack approached him in 2019 to join their ranks. He was a writer at The Verge at the time and decided to stick with his position. Then 2020 happened. Casey shared with OneZero that…

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How to create a newsletter in under 30 minutes


Jump ahead What’s the point of creating a newsletter? Why you need to create a newsletter How to start a newsletter and craft your first one Writing your first ConvertKit newsletter   No one likes looking at a blank screen. Especially when that blank screen comes complete with a blinking cursor, that universal symbol that says you need to write something. In fact, a blank…

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How switching to ConvertKit helped double my newsletter subscribers


Jump ahead What made me decide to switch to ConvertKit? The migration process Results since switching to ConvertKit Future plans for continued newsletter growth The real goal of a creator’s newsletter   As a full-time freelance writer, my newsletter is all about teaching what I know, having a place to write in my own voice, and most importantly: building personal connections with my subscribers. This…

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30+ of the best newsletter names (and how to name yours)


Jump ahead Why your newsletter needs a name How to name your newsletter 5 places to include your newsletter name Ready to start something new? ConvertKit can help   Something magical happens when you give your project a name. It becomes real. That idea that you’ve tossed around for a month, a year, or (be honest) a lifetime starts to solidify. Whether an email newsletter…

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8 delightful email newsletter examples from creators (and ideas for growing your own)


Jump ahead What makes a great email newsletter? 7 types of content you can include in your newsletter 5 inspiring email newsletter examples from creators #1: Bake Club by Christina Tosi #2: Maker Mind by Anne-Laure Le Cunff #3: Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter #4: First Person Artist by Kimberly Brooks #5: Work In Progress by Jay Clouse Launch your email newsletter with ConvertKit These days,…

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5 inspiring email design trends in 2020 [+ predictions for 2021]


Jump ahead Email design trend #1: Typography instead of hero images Email design trend #2: More animation, less embedded videos Email design trend #3: 3D images Email design trend #4: Minimal design Email design trend #5: Dark mode compatibility Email design predictions for 2021 Email design best practices How to design beautiful emails in ConvertKit   Raise your hand if you spend hours perfecting your…

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How to create a paid newsletter


Jump ahead What is a paid newsletter? Why start a paid newsletter? How to launch your first paid newsletter Launching a paid newsletter is a marathon, not a sprint   The year was 1704. Boston postmaster John Campbell was putting the finishing touches on the first issue of the Boston News-Letter—a single-sheet packed on both sides with the most important news from the time. The…

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When is the best time to send a newsletter?


Jump ahead The best days to send emails The best hours, or time of day, to send newsletters Don’t send your newsletters until you’ve considered these keys How to pick the best time to send a newsletter Start sending your newsletters at the right time   You put a lot of effort into your newsletters. You fret over the right design to use (or whether…

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13 best newsletter tools to grow your business


Jump ahead How to choose the right newsletter tool for your business The 13 best newsletter software tools for creators How to set up a free email newsletter with ConvertKit ConvertKit’s email software will grow with you and your business   Starting an email list is an exciting and daunting time for many creators. You might ask yourself, “does my audience really want to hear…

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