Strategy & Operations

The problem with updating content (and how to find a sustainable process)


As a content creator, you do more than just create content. Chances are you have your hands full with audience engagement, lead generation, product launches, business strategy, and other aspects that bring your creator biz full circle, building audience trust and revenue. With so much on your plate, it’s easy to overlook an obvious tactic for scaling your brand and producing content efficiently without burning

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Key negotiation strategies for women: earn more, feel confident, and grow your biz


Tell me if you’ve heard this before: women don’t earn as much as men because they don’t ask for more money. This fallacy places the brunt of the wage gap on women’s shoulders and tells women that if they simply ask for more money, they’ll get it. But we know this isn’t true. Research points out that while men and women equally negotiate for higher

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Building your professional creator tech stack? Here’s what to include


A piece of software is a lot like a lever—it amplifies force. For every minute you invest in building your audience and business, the right tools can make the impact go further. With the seemingly endless options of apps, automations, and software available, it can be hard to tell what you need and which to choose. This guide will break down the most common tools

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How outsourcing helps you scale your creative business (without losing your personal touch)


“How do you do it all?” There’s so much that goes into being a creator—writing, recording, replying, planning, creating, teaching, taking care of admin. You’ve likely heard that question more than once… And if not, you certainly thought of it. As a creator, it feels like your work rarely stops. And the more you grow, the more there is to do—and it’s a road that…

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