10 strategies to use YouTube and TikTok to build your online presence


Video is the #1 type of content consumed today. At the rate we’re going, we’ll see more than one billion videos uploaded every second by 2022. But when I say “video,” so many creators tell me, “Oh, I don’t do video. I’m not funny.” I totally get it. But in order to be successful today as a creator, you have to prioritize channels like YouTube,…

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How to get more views on YouTube | 5 key strategies that work fast


Jump ahead Focus on YouTube SEO Increase watch time Improve clickthrough rate Encourage engagement Promote your video Get YouTube subscribers to join your email list   Creating valuable video content can take hours, not to mention all the time spent planning and strategizing. So the last thing you want is for your time and effort to go to waste. Which means you need your videos…

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How to get your YouTube subscribers onto your email list


Jump ahead How to get a YouTube viewer to join your email list How YouTubers are growing their email lists It’s time for you to start growing your email list through your YouTube videos Building an audience on YouTube is one thing, but to take that connection to the next level you need to get your viewers to join your email list. Email is still…

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YouTube analytics: 6 powerful ways to grow your channel faster


Jump ahead Why you need to be using YouTube Analytics How to access YouTube Analytics Want YouTube insights? Start with the right questions Get the insights you need to grow your audience Special thanks to ConvertKit designer and resident YouTuber Charli for kindly donating her YouTube metrics for this post's screenshots. You can check out her YouTube channel right here! YouTube might have begun life…

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Lights, Camera, Conversions: How to Create Video Landing Pages That Convert


Jump ahead What are video landing pages? Why use video landing pages? Video landing page best practices The average American spends nearly 40 hours a week watching videos. That's a staggering statistic. Just think about that for a second. It's almost as much time as we spend working. Or, if you're a parent like me, listening to Baby Shark on repeat. It's no wonder, then,…

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