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​​Email Deliverability April 2022 [infographic]


I can’t believe that with this email deliverability test, we’ve completed nine tests to date! It was four years ago that we started testing the top email marketing platforms to determine which had the best email deliverability (and which were the worst email providers). I have to say that there are always surprises, showing just how important it is to monitor the email deliverability of…

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GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign – Which Tool is Better?


These are two of the best email marketing services in our opinion. The main difference between GetResponse and ActiveCampaign is the range of features they offer and what they charge for them. ActiveCampaign’s specialty is marketing automation, allowing you to build complex workflows based on email engagement, web events, and events in third-party tools (e.g. purchases or support tickets), to name a few. Customer messaging…

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Omnisend vs Mailchimp – Who Will Take the Crown?


While Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools out there, the company’s decision in May 2019 to stop its native integration with Shopify was a deal-breaker for many ecommerce brands, and many turned to Omnisend as an alternative. Mailchimp has since reopened its partnership with Shopify, but is it too late? Looking at the ratings in Shopify Marketplace, Omnisend is the clear…

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The Best Newsletter Examples You’ve Got to See!


Whether you’re a retail store owner, blogger/media professional, or educator, you may have been advised to try email marketing. It’s good advice. Email marketing ROI continues to rise, securing you $44 for every dollar you spend on your email campaign. If you’re on the fence about newsletters, don’t be. Newsletters don’t have to be boring or annoying. When done right, newsletters are a super effective…

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Email Deliverability March 2021 [Infographic]


Update: See our latest deliverability test from Oct 2021 here.  For those who were eagerly awaiting this moment, I can announce that our latest deliverability results are finally here! Making this our seventh email deliverability test to date. Of course, this round wasn’t without surprises. In fact, as you’ll see, there were quite a few movements in the charts. If you’d like to make a…

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