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Can store-within-a-store partnerships save big-box retailers?


Last weekend, holiday shoppers entering Macy's at Chicago's North Shore location stopped just inside the door, contemplating an odd promotional display. For one thing, the branding was different—a giraffe was involved, and one of the letters was backward.      On closer inspection—these weren't even Macy's products! The display directed shoppers to patronize a different icon of 20th-century retail: Toys "R" Us®. Once a staple

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FedEx AMEA revamped its loyalty program and membership skyrocketed


With customers moving toward a digital-first experience across the globe, FedEx Asia Pacific and Middle East, India, South Africa (AMEA) saw a need to modernize its loyalty program, My FedEx Rewards. FedEx AMEA knew it also wanted to connect better with its small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Many big, global clients receive discounts, but SMBs don’t have enough volume. With all this in mind, the brand

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As the market stabilizes, a crucial moment for DMOs


If 2021 was when Americans started traveling again, then 2022 has been the year they embraced their old travel habits with full fervor.  This year, after a long pandemic pause, Americans really leaned into the rebound that began in 2021. Travel spending in September reached its highest mark since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the U.S. Travel Association, and tracked six percent higher

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What is the difference between reporting and analytics?


The field of big data analytics has been in its infancy for decades, but it's already deeply integrated into the business world. From A/B testing to email marketing, data-driven decision-making drives the success or failure of businesses and consumers. What's more, companies like Google are expanding to keep up with all the changes and opportunities presented by this burgeoning industry. But, questions remain.

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The CTV buyer’s guide to identity resolution


The CTV market is maturing right before our eyes. Two major networks, NBCUniversal and Fox, recently launched new reach and targeting (read: identity resolution) solutions for their platforms, ensuring the best ability to reach a brand's audience across their CTV inventory.  But what's interesting about this is that this isn't new: The digital media ecosystem has been doing this for years. Now, the CTV market

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Though data deprecation looms, the prognosis remains good for digital healthcare marketing


According to a report from MM+M, healthcare marketing budgets continue to rise, but marketers aren’t interested in the same old tactics. The Healthcare Marketers Trend Report 2022 revealed that many companies are attempting to futurize their brands, expanding digital investments and flexible media plans in the place of more blanket, traditional marketing strategies.

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Storytelling isn’t child’s play—it’s your best tool to connect, engage and persuade


We know that the best tool for marketers to persuade consumers to buy their products never changes: solid storytelling. Whether you’re selling a coffee maker, a golf club or an actual rocket ship, the key is knowing how to tell your story, in a way that will resonate with your audience at the right time. Sounds easy, right? With today’s fragmented data and tech stacks

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Most retail media spend still belongs to Amazon. What can we do about it?


Amazon's on-site ads business, in which brands pay the online shopping behemoth to have their products spotlighted, was a masterstroke when it debuted a decade ago. Amazon's website already excelled at sales, and now the ads business folded in an entirely new revenue stream as brands paid for access to coveted audiences—just like they had long bought ads on TV, radio, and media websites.  It

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With credit cards on a rebound, financial services brands want their share of card transactions


For the past several years, consumers have felt the impact of economic peaks and valleys. From record-low prices and stimulus money to rapidly increasing inflation, it's been hard for consumers to keep up.

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