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How to Lower Your Facebook Ads Costs and Improve ROI


If used effectively, Facebook ads are very efficient in growing traffic, generating leads, increasing engagement, and driving sales to a business. The problem is that if not properly managed, the costs of running Facebook ads can become very high. In this article, you will learn important tips that will help you lower your Facebook ads cost and improve ROI. Table Of ContentsHow much does advertising…

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Developing Your Online Marketing Strategy for YouTube


This article was written by our friends at rankingCoach. Enjoy the read! There's nothing like YouTube In the US YouTube reaches a larger audience between the ages of 18-49 than all cable TV networks combined, and 94% of 20-29-year-olds in Germany watch the platform every month. YouTube is the #1 entertainment platform in the United Kingdom. Every month, 2 Billion people watch videos on the…

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