Did digital transformation really just accelerate by 5-6 years?


For digital marketers, the big story of 2020 is not just the COVID-19 pandemic but the digital transformation it accelerated as the world stayed home to try to keep the virus in check. We explored some secondary statistics that prove that perhaps that did just happen, and don’t forget to sign up for the webinar […] The post Did digital transformation really just accelerate by…

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Content Marketing 101: What’s in it for Me?


It has probably happened to you. You meet a guy at a conference or party who starts talking about himself, and within 15 seconds, you’re looking for an escape. Guess what! The same thing happens when we send an email about our brilliant products or services. However, we don’t even get 15 seconds–we get approximately […] The post Content Marketing 101: What’s in it for…

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Top 10 Signs You’re an Email Geek


You might think calling someone a geek is an insult. However, in the email world, it means you’re a member of a widespread yet close-knit group of developers, marketers, and strategists––all of whom believe in the power of email. There’s one thing you’ll learn quickly as a member of the email community: We help each […] The post Top 10 Signs You're an Email Geek…

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Experts–Why You Need One


It’s an open secret that people use only a fraction of the technology available to them on a typical marketing automation platform. A 2018 study by Holistic Email Marketing and Tripolis bears this out. Only 44% of companies that use marketing suites like Salesforce say they use half or more of the features on their email platforms. […] The post Salesforce Marketing Cloud Experts–Why You Need One…

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Internationalizing an Email Program


Place yourself in the shoes of a large brand interested in expanding their reach internationally.  What would it take to expand their current domestic email marketing program into a global program? What would need to change? Where would you start? What resources must you leverage? There’s quite a bit to consider – and we have […] The post Internationalizing an Email Program first appeared on…

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My Dynamic Success at Trendline within Salesforce Marketing Cloud 


I just earned my Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant certification after only six months working with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. I even passed it on my first try – a real accomplishment given how complex the certification exam is.  I’m not saying this to brag about myself, although I’m pleased to have come so far […] The post My Dynamic Success at Trendline within Salesforce…

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