How to leverage partners for account-based marketing (ABM) success


What if you could double down on your account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives? By involving partners in the account-based marketing strategy, you have the potential to double your budget and the number of helping hands. Most organizations don’t think about this, but we did––and it’s working! ABM results increase ROI, with 97% of marketers reporting that […] The post How to leverage partners for account-based marketing

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4 Ways your marketing team can support your pricing strategy


Promotional pricing decisions are traditionally not driven by the marketing team, but they, and in particular the team responsible for creating and sending messages to your customers, are sitting on a treasure trove of data that can support your product team in making the best promotional pricing decisions. As a modern marketer, what actions can […] The post 4 Ways your marketing team can support

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12 Essential tools for HTML email development


In the ever-changing world of HTML email development it’s important to keep abreast of the incredibly valuable tools and resources available to you. Trendline Interactive has compiled a list of 12 essential tools to ensure you create the highest calibre emails for you and your clients. The right tool at the right place in your […] The post 12 Essential tools for HTML email development

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The importance of data literacy across the organization


Companies are collecting more data than ever before in hopes of unveiling sophisticated insights about their customers, but there is one problem that stands in the way of those insights. That problem is a lack of data literacy. Most of your team likely struggles with interpreting and making sense of the data, nevermind being able […] The post The importance of data literacy across the

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Buyer trust: the overlooked factor in deliverability


When you discover that your email messages are going to your subscribers’ spam folders, you’re probably going to blame the ISPs first. After all, you never sign up subscribers without their permission. If you’re already using opt-in, why are you having deliverability issues? The answer is that deliverability is a complex network of factors in […] The post Buyer trust: the overlooked factor in deliverability

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What is a deliverability audit?


What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘audit?’ We bet you don’t automatically think of email deliverability. Many businesses are completely unaware that they might have email deliverability issues. In fact, most marketers aren’t totally sure what the word ‘deliverability’ means. Some are simply uneducated on the subject, and others are afraid to […] The post What is a deliverability audit? first appeared…

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How Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection impacts today’s reporting and analytics


Due to recent privacy updates from Apple, email open rates are no longer a reliable metric to report on, since these numbers are now inflated. What does this change mean for email Marketers who have been relying on open rates in campaign reporting as a proxy for subscriber engagement for years? And more importantly, what […] The post How Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection impacts today’s…

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7 Creative ways to increase email click rates


Apple’s impending Mail Privacy Protection feature will force marketers to look beyond the open rate to focus on engagement metrics that matter. The click is one of those metrics.  As a marketer, you have a new quest – to do everything in your power to encourage customers to click. This is a best practice whose […] The post 7 Creative ways to increase email click…

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Mail Privacy Protection Checklist: Planning for the future


While marketers wait to see how the Email Service Providers (ESPs) respond at the product level to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection updates, Trendline has created a checklist of six tangible parts of your email program that you should be thinking about and actioning on now to start planning for the future. Once every email is […] The post Mail Privacy Protection Checklist: Planning for the…

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5 Types of Email Service Platforms (ESP) for you to consider


Are you considering a new Email Service Platform (ESP)? The martech landscape has quickly become complex and even contradictory at times, and shopping for best-fit technology can inevitably become a long and often daunting process. In this infographic we have classified the 5 types of ESPs for you to consider based on the kinds of […] The post 5 Types of Email Service Platforms (ESP)…

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ESP Migration Checklist 101


Migrating ESPs is a little like moving. Nobody wants to meticulously pack, box, and label the entire contents of their home only to have to unpack it all somewhere new. However, the more prepared and organized you are, the smoother the transition will be as you start anew. An ESP migration can feel overwhelming, as […] The post ESP Migration Checklist 101 first appeared on…

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Is your model not predicting as well as it used to? Identify and address model degradation


You’ve designed and built a machine-learning model that predicts customer demand for one of your most popular products, at different prices. The model is extremely accurate––leveraging years of historical data on sales, customers, seasonality, and other variables. Therefore, the decision-makers in your organization are excited to start implementing it to enhance their targeting and improve […] The post Is your model not predicting as well…

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Data-Driven Marketers, Welcome to the Next Normal


As we head into August, a sense of normalcy is beginning to reign, at least here in Ontario. People are talking about returning to work and school, businesses are hiring again and international travel restrictions are easing. Beneath the surface, however, it is a brand new world – one where work-from-home and Zoom meetings will […] The post Data-Driven Marketers, Welcome to the Next Normal…

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How to tell a compelling story (with data)


Data: It’s one of the best of tools for email marketers; it’s one of the worst of tools.  Apologies to Charles Dickens and A Tale of Two Cities, but we stole that opening line from the master storyteller himself because it helps us reframe the role that marketing data plays in helping you achieve your […] The post How to tell a compelling story (with…

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Welcome Emails 101


A Welcome Email is the first look subscribers have into a company’s brand. It should reflect the brand, thank the subscribers for subscribing, provide guidance as to what they can expect, and generate excitement for upcoming emails. Properly implementing the Welcome Email as a key element of your email marketing campaign avoids setting a negative […] The post Welcome Emails 101 first appeared on Trendline…

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4 Steps every company should take to protect sensitive data


We live in a data-driven world. The data you collect, store, and use will shape your organizational strategy and provide new insights on how to best meet your customers’ needs. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Beyond the financial and legal risks, customers are demanding that the organizations they deal with handle their data […] The post 4 Steps every company should take to…

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What do your ESP metrics really tell you about your deliverability?


Knowing the deliverability of your email campaigns is essential to understand how well it’s doing. It also can be one of the hardest metrics to nail down. You might think you know your deliverability because you can look at the dashboard in your email service platform and see that 99% of your emails got delivered. […] The post What do your ESP metrics really tell…

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How ARC can keep forwarded emails out of spam


Email is the original social channel, thanks to email forwarding. We’ll bet that the minute computer salesperson Gary Thuerk sent that famous email message to 400 prospects back in 1978, many of them forwarded it on to their friends.  Forwarding messaging is one of the most popular email activities. By 2015, 1 in 21 commercial […] The post How ARC can keep forwarded emails out…

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How to get more value from your data analysts


Recent changes to privacy regulations have highlighted that the need for Marketers to continue to encourage their organizations to collect and analyze their own first-party data has never been more important.  And yet, while organizations are collecting more data than ever before, and making significant investments in big data and analytics, many continue to struggle […] The post How to get more value from your…

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The path to unlocking your email program’s full potential


As an email-centric marketing leader you carry the weight of ensuring that your email program is operating effectively and efficiently, but what steps should you take when you identify that things are not working as they should? To bring clarity to your chaos, we have detailed three paths forward for your consideration. While we always […] The post The path to unlocking your email program’s…

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