Email Marketing Strategy

3 ways to optimize your email program this Spring


Spring is in the air! The perfect time to take a look at your email program and get a better understanding of what’s working, what’s not working, and where you might need some support.  Spring cleaning at work can provide an opportunity to practice being more mindful of the tasks you’re doing, promote a more […] The post 3 ways to optimize your email program…

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Customer Lifetime Value – Putting a price on profit potential


What Is Customer Lifetime Value? Take a look at your current customers. How well do you understand their value? Do you know how much revenue they produce for you? Do you understand how much it costs you to generate this revenue? And more importantly, are you able to predict these values into the future?  Customer […] The post Customer Lifetime Value – Putting a price…

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Are you sending too much email?


Marketers shape their email strategy by asking questions. Many companies ask if they send too many emails—and often assume that they do. This is most likely based on a slew of reports and research studies asking questions along the lines of “Why do you unsubscribe from email?” It’s a fair question and, through our experience, […] The post Are you sending too much email? first…

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Three ways thriving email marketing programs grow healthy email lists


At the core of any successful email marketing program lies a healthy database of subscribers. Therefore, marketers should make growing that database a central priority. However, list growth continues to be difficult for marketers. An Ascend2 survey reported that 34% of respondents found “increasing email list size” was a difficult objective to achieve. This was […] The post Three ways thriving email marketing programs grow…

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Re-engagement email best practices


Sending opt-in or re-engagement email campaigns to subscribers to verify and keep email permission is not a new idea. And yet, the pertinence of these campaigns is increasing. Over time, a portion of your email list will become unengaged. Disengagement creates several negative impacts for your email marketing. These include lower response rates and wasted […] The post Re-engagement email best practices first appeared on…

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Advanced methods to measure email acquisition strategy


Your email marketing program relies on many factors for success, but the most important is the quality of your email database. In earlier blog posts we’ve reviewed strategies for acquiring more of the high-quality email addresses that will grow your email program and help you achieve your business goals, and for measuring the success of […] The post Advanced methods to measure email acquisition strategy…

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Email content strategy: 2 ways to build up your email program


A well-rounded email program does more than just send messages that say “Buy this.” You can communicate effectively and continuously with an email program that includes many kinds of content and messages that align with your email content strategy and goals. Effective email messages combine captivating images and optimized design with strong copy in  articles […] The post Email content strategy: 2 ways to build…

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Measure your email acquisition success


The lifeblood of a high performing email program is growing the email subscriber base, whether by converting current customers into subscribers or attracting new ones. Having a growing subscriber list is an important indicator of a healthy digital marketing program, but the quality of those subscribers is just as important as their quantity. In this […] The post Measure your email acquisition success first appeared…

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Launching a Product and Inspiring Customers


What We Did
 Product launch campaign Copy and positioning strategy Creative design   Wacom, the leading brand in creative pen tablets, has supported digital artists with exceptional tools, product support, and innovation for more than 30 years. They inspire innovation and equip individuals to make the world a more creative place.   The Brief Wacom, […] The post Launching a Product and Inspiring Customers first…

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How to Avoid Digital Marketing Fatigue


Are you finding it difficult to keep customers engaged with your messaging? While the loss of subscribers over time is inevitable, you need to identify ways that can help minimize this churn. It is critical to know at what point customers will fatigue and have a strategy to re-engage them. Tenure & Fatigue Analysis The degree of marketing fatigue depends on numerous factors, such as…

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4 Ways To Perfect Your Call-To-Action


Looking for more leads? A better conversion rate? There’s one surefire way to help achieve them–have a crystal clear call-to-action (CTA). Here are four steps you can take to make your CTA stronger than ever before. What Is A Call-To-Action? “Sign up!…Please?” Considering the estimation that we see up to 5,000 ads per day (Walker-Smith), it’s safe to say we’ve all seen and heard calls-to-action,…

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3 Ways to Support Your Clients During COVID-19


This is new territory for all of us. In a world where success normally correlates with planning ahead, companies have had to make a big shift. In some cases, we’ve had to plan, strategize, and execute marketing strategies—all on the same day. In uncertain times, it’s important to stay connected and remember to simply “feel.” “Feel” as a client partner, “feel” as a marketer, and…

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