Salesforce Marketing Cloud Experts–Why You Need One


It’s an open secret that people use only a fraction of the technology available to them on a typical marketing automation platform. A 2018 study by Holistic Email Marketing and Tripolis bears this out. Only 44% of companies that use marketing suites like Salesforce say they use half or more of the features on their email platforms.  But, even if they use less than half…

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How Will Consolidation in Email Deliverability Providers Affect You?


If you follow email industry news, you’ve most likely recently seen stories about deliverability services provider Validity buying up two deliverability software vendors: Return Path and 250ok. It’s natural to wonder what these and other acquisitions in the email space might mean for your own efforts to improve deliverability, or for the industry as a whole. Here’s our take: Validity’s two acquisitions mean that the…

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How to Sync Sales & Marketing for Successful Growth


Often considered the Hatfields and McCoys of the business environment, sales and marketing are two dueling teams that need to get along and call a truce. Now more than ever, marketers and salespeople need to make collaborative efforts to stay ahead of the ever-changing business environment. A communicative, synced sales and marketing department is as effective as it is imperative to success. Below, we have…

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