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Leveraging data to deliver the ultimate customer experience


Due to endless choices, today’s customers have higher expectations of your brand than ever before. Customer experience (CX) pioneers, such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, have all helped condition customers to expect an exceptional experience every time. And then the COVID-19 pandemic came along. Discover the customer journey in action,  design experience around valuable segments, […] The post Leveraging data to deliver the ultimate customer…

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Solving martech: Finding the right email technology platform in a confusing landscape


White Paper | 20 minute read As an email-centric marketing leader, if you’re frustrated with your current marketing technology stack, you certainly aren’t alone. The sheer magnitude of the technology landscape today contributes to this confusion. The technology landscape is crowded with emerging platforms, legacy technology solutions evolving to stay competitive, and new entrants to […] The post Solving martech: Finding the right email technology…

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Email Marketing Playbook For Success in the NormalNow


Are we in the New Normal? The Next Normal? At Trendline, we’ve come up with our own description of the times we’re living through as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on: the NormalNow. It recognizes that what’s “normal” differs from person to person, business to business, location to location. Today’s normal could be entirely different in […] The post Email Marketing Playbook For Success in the…

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