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6 Tips for Building an Effective Message Map for Your Email Campaign


A well-thought-out message map is the key to a successful multi-effort email series, and if you’re automating that series for use over the long term then it’s doubly important to get the message map right. The message map is an outline for which key topics will appear in each of your emails. The idea is that each email should stand alone – but together they

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6 MORE Tips for More Effective Automated Email Programs


This is part 2 of my series on email marketing automation (here’s part 1) — check out these tips to make your current automations more effective and/or to create new automations that will up the profitability of your email program! Note: I presented some of this content at the GURU Conference in November 2022, but due to time constraints I could not present all of

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LinkedIn: Fail — How confident are you in your data?


A while back I received two pieces of direct mail addressed to two different people at my company. Here’s the thing. Neither of these people work, or have ever worked, at my company. The envelope at the top is addressed to my ex-husband. He has his own career, as an attorney; he never worked for my company, not as a board member, an employee, nor

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6 Tips for More Effective Automated Email Programs


Check out these tips to make your current automations more effective and/or to create new automations that will up the profitability of your email program! Note: I presented some of this content at the GURU Conference in November 2022, but due to time constraints I could not present all of it. So, if you saw me there, this post and it’s soon-to-be-published companion will give

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Case Study: Do Personalized Logos Increase Revenue?


It’s conventional wisdom that  personalization boosts the bottom-line performance of your email marketing. And it often works. But maybe don’t count on it… That’s what we learned from this case study, which is the second of a series (here’s the first one) about a journey into personalized email that one of my clients took. You’ll learn what they did, how it performed, and what we

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6 Tips for Making Better Use of Images in Your Email Messages


Most email messages sent today include images. But are you using the right images? And are you using them effectively? Are there things you could do to boost bottom-line performance?   Here are some tips, based on best practice and my 20+ years helping clients make their email marketing more effective and more profitable. As always, you should A/B split test into any changes to

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Personalization and Email Performance (A Case Study)


You’ve probably read about personalization and how it boosts the bottom-line performance of your email marketing. Or maybe you’ve read about how it can be creepy. Or maybe both. Here’s a case study, the first of a few I’ll publish, about a journey into personalized email that one of my clients took. You’ll learn what they did, how it performed, and what we learned. As

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A Tale of Two Purchased Lists (A Case Study)


Which segments of your list are most profitable? Are purchased lists always low performers? This client case study provides answers to both of these questions – as well as providing a framework for you to use to answer them for your own list segments. As always, don’t just take these test results as gospel – do your own testing to see how your audience performs!

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6 Tips for More Effective Call-to-Action Links and Buttons


Is a picture worth a thousand words? I hope so! I’ve made this blog post image heavy to quickly allow you to skim these best practices for call-to-action text links and buttons in your email messages. Enjoy! 1. Use the visual markers of links sparingly; never on headlines Headlines that are visual hyperlinks look sloppy. Much better to include a button instead – both in

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Case Study: How many products does it take to optimize revenue?


How many products should you include in an email to optimize revenue? As marketers, we have to balance the number of products we present to potential customers. Too few and you may lose sales because there aren’t enough options; too many and you may lose sales due to analysis paralysis. This is a test I do a lot with clients sending multi-product emails. We work

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Holiday Prep: Best Day to Send Email (A/B Split Test)


I always get a laugh out of research promising to reveal the ‘best day to send email.’ Because, think about it… if the research says ‘Thursday at 3:00 PM ET’ is the best day/time to send, and everyone started sending at 3:00 PM ET on Thursdays, then the best time to send would be any time but that. Because at 3:00 PM ET on Thursdays

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43% increase in revenue with a holiday campaign! Here’s how we did it…


I’m not a big fan of subject line tests for a couple reasons. They’re overused and many don’t have a good chance of success because they lack a sound hypothesis. If I undertake a subject line test with a client I’m going to do it strategically, to give us our best chance at a significant lift in bottom-line performance. That’s what we did for an

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Proof that Click-through Rate is NOT a Good KPI


“We don’t have tracking set up for revenue or conversions. We just look at opens and clicks. Because the email with the highest click rate probably has the highest conversion rate as well, right?” As an email marketing consultant and trainer, I hear this a lot. I get it. It takes time, budget, and resources to integrate Google Analytics or another platform that’s measuring your

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Case Study: Strategic Resend, 25% More Revenue


I was thrilled on a recent Only-Influencers-Members-Only discussion (you should join! Reach out to me to learn more) when another member said that she had tried my ‘strategic resend’ tactic. It worked so well, she said, that it’s now standard operating procedure for her email program. I’ve written about it before in general terms, but I thought a client case study might help further illustrate

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Case Study: 21% More Revenue and Analysis Paralysis


Have you heard of ‘analysis paralysis?’ Here’s a definition from Wikipedia: “Analysis paralysis (or paralysis by analysis) describes an individual or group process where overanalyzing or overthinking a situation can cause forward motion or decision-making to become “paralyzed,” meaning that no solution or course of action is decided upon within a nature time frame… An overload of options can overwhelm the situation and cause this

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Case Study: Subject Line Change Increases Revenue by 9%


It’s always fun to experience, and write about, big wins, like a 918% increase in revenue, or a 350% boost in list growth, or a 100% increase in site traffic. It would nice if every test delivered that, but that’s not the case. Here’s the thing: if you can earn a lift of 10% on every test and apply each learning before you do your

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Leveraging the Email Marketing Funnel to Boost Your Bottom-line Performance


One of the things I love most about email marketing is all the data. It’s so trackable; you can see how recipients are engaging with your messages at each step of the email marketing funnel. Here’s the thing; there’s so much data that it’s easy to get lost in it. It’s rare that my clients don’t have access to the data they need to analyze

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Case Study: More Product Blocks, Less Revenue


Back in 2020, I was consulting for a B2B client with an enormous number of products. Their buyers are buying in bulk; they don’t buy one of an item, they buy 100 or 1,000 of an item. We did a series of A/B split tests, with different email templates, to find the ‘sweet spot’ – the perfect number of products to include in each email

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Case Study: Less Copy Generates a 918% Lift in Email Revenue


Sometimes less is more – a lot more. Case in point: this case study from 2020, where removing some copy generated a 918% lift in revenue-per-thousand-emails-sent (RPME). You can see the control at the left below, the test version is on the right. and the color key to content is there as well. When you’re thinking about what you might test, you always want to

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Case Study: 61% Decrease in Revenue-per-Email (RPE), but We Still Learned a Few Things


When we test, we’re usually looking to boost performance. But you can get some great learnings even if the control wins. Case in point: this case study from 2020. This email was part of an annual campaign; as such, I went back to the 2019 creative and results to put together my 2020 plan. The control here was second in revenue-per-email-sent (RPE) in 2019; we

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