Case Study: 46% Increase in Email List Growth


A few years ago, I noticed a trend in website architecture – putting email opt-in calls-to-action (CTAs) in the footer. I don’t mean in the footer and elsewhere throughout the site – I mean in the footer and no where else. I’ve been told it’s a ‘best practice.’ Well, maybe. But not if you’re looking to grow your email list. I’ve done case studies previously…

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From My Inbox: Gentle Critique with Simple Fixes


Most of my consulting work is with large organizations, but I really love when I see smaller companies doing big things with the channel. And it also makes me sad when I see smaller companies trying, but not quite hitting the mark. This post is about the latter, with constructive advice for this company (I plan to visit soon so maybe I’ll share it with…

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Email Nurture Series


There is a place for email nurture series at all stages of the prospect journey. This post is based on work I recently did for a few clients; in one case the nurture series was the first outreach to people with little or no relationship with the sender (yes, the list was not opt-in; we talk about that!). These five recommendations address the biggest problems…

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