2022 Outlook: Email Marketing Trends


No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts As much as we love email as a tried-and-true marketing channel, it is always evolving. This has especially reigned true over the last few years. GDPR, a global pandemic, and recent Apple privacy updates have rewarded those email marketers who can spot trends ahead of time and adapt accordingly. So for our first installment of No Bullsh*t Advice, we…

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Everything You Need to Know About Email Deliverability in 2022


From advanced email personalization tactics made possible by Artificial Intelligence to ongoing changes in authentication protocols and compliance legislation, email deliverability has come a long way since the very first email was sent back in 1971. And yet, despite all the tools available to us, assessing and improving the vast range of factors that affect email deliverability can prove a real challenge. Still not sure…

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What Is a Valid Email? Our Guide To Telling Real From Fake


Just as “fake news” manages to infiltrate our media outlets, so can “fake” or invalid email addresses make it onto our mailing lists. These invalid email addresses can tank your deliverability and engagement rates and damage your sender reputation score. This can lead Mailbox Providers (MBPs) to flag you as a spammer––a risk that your campaign, and bottom line, likely can’t afford. But how can…

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Email List Scrubbing 101: How Useful Is It, and How Often to Do It


If you want to land in your recipients’ inboxes and stay in the good graces of ISPs, then you’ll need to prioritize the hygiene of your email lists. You can scan your lists all day, and maybe catch a misspelling or another issue that would render an email invalid. But what about the invalid emails that aren’t so obvious? Ensuring your lists are free of…

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How Email Pinging Works, And How It Can Help Your Business


If you’ve ever had an email bounce back to your inbox as undeliverable, you may have wondered what went wrong. Unfortunately, when this happens, the email was likely invalid. Not only will such a bounce negatively affect the deliverability of your campaign, and your ability to engage with customers, but it can also tarnish your sender reputation. That’s bad news for your bottom line. The…

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The Best Email List Cleaning Service of 2022


What percentage of the email addresses on your mailing list would you guess are active? Hopefully, it’s most of them; ideally, all. However, without close and continuous monitoring, the hygiene of your email list can slip to include a host of invalid, bot-run, or spam-trap emails. If you’re like other companies that maintain a long, ever-growing list of email subscribers, manually verifying each address is…

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Email Verification Best Practices for 2022


Despite the popularity of omnichannel marketing using social media, SMS, or push notifications, email remains a tried and true marketing outreach vehicle to reach prospective and existing clients. Message not delivered—the three words sure to cause dread (and even a groan) in most people, especially marketing campaign managers. After spending days, weeks, or even months crafting quality email content, a list riddled with inaccurate, fake,…

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How to Ping an Email Address To Check Its Validity


Have you ever wondered if an email address is real? It may be tempting to send a tester email to see if it’ll bounce back to you. Or, you could just forego that by pinging the email server to see if the address is legit. But neither of those is practical, especially when you need to check several addresses. While manually testing a single email…

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How to Send a Test Email 3 Ways (And What to Check First)


By the stroke of midnight, your email marketing campaign will go live. For months, you and the team have poured over hundreds of graphics, debated every word of the subject line, and rearranged headings and subheadings until everyone was jaded and cross-eyed. But just an hour after going live, a flood of negative replies and bounces fill your inbox. One Mac user reports a broken…

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The Best Email Verification Service of 2022


Email marketing is a technique that’s worth adding to your overall strategy for attracting new clients. Research shows that it’s both more effective than social media outreach and has a faster conversion rate. But if you’re going to use email marketing, you have to make sure you’re getting the most from your efforts. And a key part of that is verifying your email lists. In…

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What Good Email List Cleaners Do For You (And What They Don’t Do)


Let’s be honest—no one likes deep-cleaning their house. We’d rather spend our time elsewhere. But you have to do it if you want your house to feel livable, clean, and hygienic. The same goes for our marketing email lists. Your marketing campaign (and bottom line) can’t afford clutter or a buildup of invalid, inactive, unengaged email addresses or spam traps. These emails are dead weight…

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What is a Spam Trap, and How Can You Avoid It?


All that glitters on your email list isn’t necessarily gold. Did you know that hiding among what you thought were authentic and active customer emails, could be a spam trap (aka a honeypot)? Companies and anti-spam organizations alike (e.g., Spamhaus, SURBL, Cloudmark, and Vade Retro) use these addresses to bait and catch spammers. Here’s what this can mean for you—even though you’re not a spammer,…

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Anatomy of a Hard Bounce: What Happened to Your Email?


Any number of factors can cause an email to bounce back—from an unresponsive server or a full recipient inbox to an inaccurate or fake email address. You and your team may have worked day and night for the last three months writing, polishing, and finalizing the company’s holiday email marketing campaign. The whole company is abuzz with the potential for new customers, increased sales, and…

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Can I Share My Sending Domain?


Thinking about email in its simplest form, you have where it’s from, where it’s going, and how it looks. How the email is displayed is very visually friendly. HTML is converted into images and formatted text. And the sending details with the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) conversations are tucked away into the headers. Reputation, a key component in deliverability, is heavily tied to some of…

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How to Check if an Email is Valid


Email marketing offers one of the highest rates of return of any form of digital outreach. In fact, McKinsey says that it can be 40 times more effective than social media ––meaning it’s not a strategy you want to miss out on. The first step to maximizing your email marketing returns is curating a strong list of email addresses for prospects. And a key part…

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Behind the Scenes: How the Holiday Season Impacts Mailbox Providers & You


It’s here! Holiday is here. Are you stretched and ready to run a marathon in a full sprint? As shoppers begin scrambling for deals and hitting the buy button faster than Jeopardy contestants, senders are reacting to sales, performance, and dishing out more and more emails. Even with all of the prep work done and ready, and even with backup plans and testing schedules ready…

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Omnichannel Marketing: Email’s Place at the Table


No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts It's almost 2022. If you haven't adapted your marketing strategy to include multiple channels—beyond email—you're missing opportunities to connect with your consumers and drive brand loyalty. Omnichannel marketing takes multi-channel marketing a step further by integrating multiple channels (email, ads, social, site, SMS, app, etc.) with customer data to deliver unified and personalized messages across various channels to create…

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8 Deliverability Tips: Jingle Your Way to the Inbox


“Attention all marketers! It’s that magical time of the year again where wallets loosen, email volumes skyrocket, dollars are on the line, and we all get a little jolly!” (crackles over mic) The holidays are right around the corner. Holiday email schedules and campaigns are being planned. And marketers are gearing up to be in full swing within the next two weeks. As anticipation brews,…

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Holiday Deliverability with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: What You Need to Know


If you live in America or visited during October, did you ever get an urge to scream, “Why are Christmas decorations up when Halloween hasn’t even happened?!” Hopefully, some of you are nodding, so I’m not alone. I now understand WHY those big-box retailers are so proactive when it comes to the holidays. The holiday season is a LOT of work. It takes a lot…

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