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When Content Impacts Deliverability


In general, the response to questions like "Will using FREE in my subject line hurt my deliverability?" will likely be "Probably not." There are so many more signals, some significantly bigger and more impactful, that mailbox providers use to determine placement. However, sometimes content IS the culprit. In this month’s roundup, email experts from Adobe, Word to the Wise, Campaign Monitor, Netcore Cloud, Hurix Digital,…

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Creating Authentic Email Content


No Bullsh*t Advice From Email Experts We've talked about the importance of email segmentation to help send more relevant, personalized content. But we haven't talked too much about the importance of authenticity in your email content. Relevant, personalized and authentic content is not just what subscribers want. It's what they expect. After all, each email address has a real person behind it who trusts you…

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