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Blocklists You Can’t Ignore During Peak


Email Deliverability Unfiltered Seeing your IP or domain on a blocklist during peak sending season can be unnerving. This is because being listed is often equated to deliverability issues like spam folder placement (nightmare fuel for email marketers!). While this can be true, it is not always the case. Scrambling to get off a blocklist during the holidays is stressful and can easily send you

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Do Friendly From Names impact deliverability? And if so, how?


Friendly From Names (also known as the “From Name”) are one of the first things a user sees when looking at their inbox. And they are an important part of the first, second, third, and even last impression a sender can make in the inbox. Getting those impressions right is a key part in making sure your campaign is successful. But can they also be

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How to Prepare for Peak Holiday Sending 2022


Here comes peak season, here comes peak season, right down holiday lane! Last year, holiday sales grew by 8.5%, the biggest annual increase in 17 years! CNBC also reported online sales were up 61%, no doubt tied to the new normal of online shopping. This means email marketing has a lot cut out for it this year to make performance just as strong in 2022.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Online Forms


Forms are wonderful. Amirite? They are a direct connection to your customer so they can communicate with you. The purpose of this connection could be as simple as letting you know they are interested in your service. Or something more complex like collecting valuations on products and feedback on services. When forms are done right and their purpose is to build your customer base, they…

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Email Sunsetting Policies


Sunsetting policies are the strategic removal of customers from your communication stream or email program. Parting ways with customers and sunsetting communications with them can sometimes feel sad and bittersweet. After all the work you put in to acquire them, it can be hard to let them go. But it is a necessary step for healthy deliverability and a well-run email program. We asked email…

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The Evolution of Spam Filters


How did we get to where we are today, in this wonderful world of deliverability? How did Internet Service Providers and mailbox providers (ISPs and MBPs) evolve their spam filtering decisions over the past 25 years or so? I’m old enough (sadly) to have been around for most of it, so here’s a quick rundown of that history, as I saw it happen. The Wild…

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Understanding DMARC Authentication


Email Authentication Series Part 1: Why Email Authentication Matters to Your Email Program Part 2: Understanding SPF Authentication Part 3: Understanding DKIM Authentication > Part 4: Understanding DMARC Authentication Part 5: Understanding BIMI How DMARC helps to protect your domain from spoofing It’s DMARC time. If you just got here, you might want to brush up on Parts 1-3 before you jump into DMARC. We…

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Understanding SPF Authentication


Email Authentication Series Part 1: Why Email Authentication Matters to Your Email Program > Part 2: Understanding SPF Authentication Part 3: Understanding DKIM Authentication Part 4: Understanding DMARC Authentication (coming soon) Part 5: Understanding BIMI (coming soon) How SPF helps to prevent sender domain spoofing In part one, we covered the importance of email authentication, why it’s needed, why it's done the way it’s done,…

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When Content Impacts Deliverability


In general, the response to questions like "Will using FREE in my subject line hurt my deliverability?" will likely be "Probably not." There are so many more signals, some significantly bigger and more impactful, that mailbox providers use to determine placement. However, sometimes content IS the culprit. In this month’s roundup, email experts from Adobe, Word to the Wise, Campaign Monitor, Netcore Cloud, Hurix Digital,…

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Shared IPs vs Dedicated IPs: Choosing a Winning IP Strategy


🤜 It’s the battle of the Shared IP versus the Dedicated IP! 🤛 Which setup will prevail? Find out what factors into IP strategy, the benefits and downfalls of shared and dedicated IPs, and how to choose a winning setup for your email program. Why is IP strategy important? Of the many decisions made around how your email program should be configured, your IP setup…

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Executing Your Plan & IP Warming Best Practices


Domain and IP warming is not a simple, quick sprint, but instead is a marathon exercise in building reputation. If you’ve been following this email warming series, you’ve already invested valuable time in the warming process. We've covered the basics of IP warming, what you need to do before starting the IP warm up process, and how to create an IP warming schedule. But we…

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The Plan: How to Build Your Domain & IP Warming Schedule


The domain and IP warming process is fluid to meet the numerous situational needs: new sender setup, platform infrastructure, system limitations, and adapting to performance issues with the mailbox providers. This is why there are many different warming plans published, none of which are wrong. We’ve covered the basics of email warming, why IP warming is important and the steps you need to take before…

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2022 Deliverability Predictions


2021 was quite the year! The email industry got tossed around a bit by Apple’s MPP release and multiple cyber-security attacks. This has driven changes in the world around the email industry—pivoting to focus on customer privacy and digital security. But how will, if at all, this impact deliverability in 2022? In this month’s roundup, email experts from Iterable, Netcore, SocketLabs, Twilio as well as…

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Can I Share My Sending Domain?


Thinking about email in its simplest form, you have where it’s from, where it’s going, and how it looks. How the email is displayed is very visually friendly. HTML is converted into images and formatted text. And the sending details with the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) conversations are tucked away into the headers. Reputation, a key component in deliverability, is heavily tied to some of…

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Behind the Scenes: How the Holiday Season Impacts Mailbox Providers & You


It’s here! Holiday is here. Are you stretched and ready to run a marathon in a full sprint? As shoppers begin scrambling for deals and hitting the buy button faster than Jeopardy contestants, senders are reacting to sales, performance, and dishing out more and more emails. Even with all of the prep work done and ready, and even with backup plans and testing schedules ready…

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8 Deliverability Tips: Jingle Your Way to the Inbox


“Attention all marketers! It’s that magical time of the year again where wallets loosen, email volumes skyrocket, dollars are on the line, and we all get a little jolly!” (crackles over mic) The holidays are right around the corner. Holiday email schedules and campaigns are being planned. And marketers are gearing up to be in full swing within the next two weeks. As anticipation brews,…

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Holiday Deliverability with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: What You Need to Know


If you live in America or visited during October, did you ever get an urge to scream, “Why are Christmas decorations up when Halloween hasn’t even happened?!” Hopefully, some of you are nodding, so I’m not alone. I now understand WHY those big-box retailers are so proactive when it comes to the holidays. The holiday season is a LOT of work. It takes a lot…

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