Email List Scrubbing 101: How Useful Is It, and How Often to Do It


If you want to land in your recipients’ inboxes and stay in the good graces of ISPs, then you’ll need to prioritize the hygiene of your email lists. You can scan your lists all day, and maybe catch a misspelling or another issue that would render an email invalid. But what about the invalid emails that aren’t so obvious? Ensuring your lists are free of…

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The Best Email List Cleaning Service of 2022


What percentage of the email addresses on your mailing list would you guess are active? Hopefully, it’s most of them; ideally, all. However, without close and continuous monitoring, the hygiene of your email list can slip to include a host of invalid, bot-run, or spam-trap emails. If you’re like other companies that maintain a long, ever-growing list of email subscribers, manually verifying each address is…

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How to Ping an Email Address To Check Its Validity


Have you ever wondered if an email address is real? It may be tempting to send a tester email to see if it’ll bounce back to you. Or, you could just forego that by pinging the email server to see if the address is legit. But neither of those is practical, especially when you need to check several addresses. While manually testing a single email…

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How to Send a Test Email 3 Ways (And What to Check First)


By the stroke of midnight, your email marketing campaign will go live. For months, you and the team have poured over hundreds of graphics, debated every word of the subject line, and rearranged headings and subheadings until everyone was jaded and cross-eyed. But just an hour after going live, a flood of negative replies and bounces fill your inbox. One Mac user reports a broken…

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All About Email Metrics | Email Deliverability Unfiltered – Episode 3


One of the keys to mastering email and deliverability is knowing how to measure success or failure. However, deliverability is complicated and despite what marketers are told from popular third-party deliverability services, there is no cut-and-dry deliverability score that will accurately predict whether you will land in the inbox every time. Furthermore, mailbox providers (MBPs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs) don’t tell us what our…

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The State of Email Sign-ups Webinar Recap


Featuring Kickbox + eFocus Marketing Orignially aired on Thursday, April 16, 2020 It’s no secret that marketing is becoming increasingly digitized, and email marketing is playing a huge role in driving ROI as competition increases. This is especially true for companies in the US and UK, which are leading markets in the shift from brick-and-mortar to digital marketing. To better understand and analyze best practices…

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