Email Verification

ICYMI: A Witch’s Guide to Email List Management


It’s that spooky time of the year, when we start thinking about how to resurrect a dead email list and prepare for peak email season! In our latest recorded webinar, Jennifer Nespola Lantz and I warn you about what ghoulish things will cause toil and trouble in the cauldron containing your email database. We’ll also walk you through email verification best practices, engagement and re-permissioning

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How Email Pinging Works, And How It Can Help Your Business


If you’ve ever had an email bounce back to your inbox as undeliverable, you may have wondered what went wrong. Unfortunately, when this happens, the email was likely invalid. Not only will such a bounce negatively affect the deliverability of your campaign, and your ability to engage with customers, but it can also tarnish your sender reputation. That’s bad news for your bottom line. The…

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Email Verification Best Practices for 2022


Despite the popularity of omnichannel marketing using social media, SMS, or push notifications, email remains a tried and true marketing outreach vehicle to reach prospective and existing clients. Message not delivered—the three words sure to cause dread (and even a groan) in most people, especially marketing campaign managers. After spending days, weeks, or even months crafting quality email content, a list riddled with inaccurate, fake,…

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The Best Email Verification Service of 2022


Email marketing is a technique that’s worth adding to your overall strategy for attracting new clients. Research shows that it’s both more effective than social media outreach and has a faster conversion rate. But if you’re going to use email marketing, you have to make sure you’re getting the most from your efforts. And a key part of that is verifying your email lists. In…

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What Good Email List Cleaners Do For You (And What They Don’t Do)


Let’s be honest—no one likes deep-cleaning their house. We’d rather spend our time elsewhere. But you have to do it if you want your house to feel livable, clean, and hygienic. The same goes for our marketing email lists. Your marketing campaign (and bottom line) can’t afford clutter or a buildup of invalid, inactive, unengaged email addresses or spam traps. These emails are dead weight…

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Email Deliverability Unfiltered: Email List Management


This month's topic comes right on time as we enter Q4 and brace for what is bound to be the biggest online shopping season the marketing world has ever experienced. Now is usually the time marketers start adopting less than ideal list management practices. The consensus among all of us deliverability folks is a resounding, "Don't Do It!" But alas, those lofty marketing goals remain,…

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