What is a Spam Trap, and How Can You Avoid It?


All that glitters on your email list isn’t necessarily gold. Did you know that hiding among what you thought were authentic and active customer emails, could be a spam trap (aka a honeypot)? Companies and anti-spam organizations alike (e.g., Spamhaus, SURBL, Cloudmark, and Vade Retro) use these addresses to bait and catch spammers. Here’s what this can mean for you—even though you’re not a spammer,…

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Email Deliverability Unfiltered: Spamtraps


There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to spamtraps. Like, do spamtraps cause deliverability issues? How can you eliminate spamtraps from your database? Rather than trying to figure it out on your own, we tapped deliverability experts from Campaign Monitor & Word to the Wise to shed some light on the subject. There are different types of spamtraps but they can…

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