The Benefits of an Unsubscribe


The dreaded unsubscribe. As a marketer, it is hard to view an unsubscribe as anything less than a negative action that results in one less subscriber on your email list. If you look deeper, though, unsubscribes can tell you much about your email marketing and benefit your program. So, how should you respond to unsubscribes (besides honoring them)? How are these list minimizers a blessing

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5 Reasons Why You Need List-Unsubscribe in Your Email Life


Often unseen, unless you are one of the dorky #emailgeeks out there, are wonderful little things called email headers. These are a part of every email message you deal with, but are tucked away in drop-down menus and raw messages. They are filled with a trove of information detailing the path a message took to get to your inbox, the authentication protocols used, IP information

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